Film Review – Hummingbird (2013)


Title – Hummingbird (2013)

Director – Steven Knight (Locke)

Cast – Jason Statham, Agata Buzek, Benedict Wong, Vicky McLure, Victoria Bewick

Plot – Ex-soldier turned homeless man Joey “Crazy Joe” Smith (Statham) makes it his personal mission to track down and find the killer of his homeless friend Isabel (Bewick). Joey finds a new job with crime boss Mr. Choy (Wong), haps upon an empty apartment, finds potential love with nun Christina (Buzek) all the while dealing with his vendetta and past traumas from his time in Afghanistan.

“When I’m sober…When I’m healthy and well…I hurt people. I’m lethal. I drink to weaken the machine they made”

Review by Eddie on 2/12/2013

Hummingbird (also known as Redemption or Crazy Joe) is a curious film that is a valiant attempt by the Stath to shun his usual Transporter routine of endless fights and one liners and therefore show the world he can in fact “act” and an attempt for successful screenwriter Steven Knight to make the transition into the directing game. While in minor aspects both men succeed to some extent, Hummingbird is by films end a forgettable affair.

Knight’s story centred around haunted ex-soldier Joey (who at the start as represented by the Stath looks creepily like groundskeeper Argus Filch from the Harry Potter series) and his troubles to meld back into the world has far to many elements and ideas to connect into a cohesive whole. It’s clear to see Knights wanted to throw many eggs into one basket with his tale of redemption and lost souls from human exports, child abuse, the war on terror and homelessness are just some of the subplots that will pop up along Joey Smith/Joey Jones’s journey and none of them are given sufficient time to properly play out. Holding all these strands together is the films weakest link.

Joey’s time on the street bought him close to homeless girl Isabel who upon her murder sets Joey on a path to find her killer. Not enough story time is dedicated to this aspect of Joey’s journey and one almost wonders if Knight needed to include this at all and the only reason for its existence is seemingly to allow the Stath to do some of his trademark beat-downs and in turn keep the die-hard Stath fans happy with a few fisticuffs. It’s a shame that as a proven screenwriter Knight couldn’t come up with a better plot device or more intriguing character set ups perhaps focusing to much of his time on the actual direction of his meandering story.

Hummingbird has some interesting ideas and is undoubtedly filmed and made professionally by a man who has a bright future in the director’s chair, Locke Knight’s film with Tom Hardy looks ace. Jason Statham should also be commended for trying something a little different and in the process proving his got a lot to give in more dramatic roles that hopefully fall his way but unfortunately his turn is lost in a movie that doesn’t know what exactly it wants to be.

2 margarita pizzas out of 5

4 responses to “Film Review – Hummingbird (2013)

  1. This one quite didn’t work for me either, so much so that I ended up stopping it midway through and never got around to completing it at all 😦

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