Film Review – All This Mayhem (2014)

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Title – All This Mayhem (2014)

Director – Eddie Martin (Lionel)

Cast – Tas Pappas, Ben Pappas, Tony Hawk

Plot – A documentary delving into the rise and tragic fall of Australian skating legends, the Pappas Brothers, who arose from the lowly suburbs of Melbourne to take on not only America but the world through their joint love of skateboarding and there intense brotherly bond.

“I don’t want the Pappas Brother’s to be remembered as just…..maniacs”

Review by Eddie on 8/10/2014

As they say, truth is much stranger than fiction and coinciding with that perfectly, truth is often far more interesting than fiction which in the case of this fantastic documentary is absolutely the case. For those like myself who knew very little about the skateboarding scene in the early 90’s and in particular the often unbelievable story of Australian siblings the Pappas brothers, Eddie Martin’s informative and well-crafted documentary will take you on an unforgettable journey to the highest highs (sometimes quite literally) and the lowest lows, of an equally inspiring and tragic tale set around the world of competitive skateboarding.

All This Mayhem is a film that allows those of us who may not care for skateboarding to not only get sucked into the world of half pipes, vert ramps and 900’s but to care for the those inhabiting it. Filled to the brim with homemade and professional stock footage, director Martin does a wonderful job of moulding in clips between talking heads, radio interviews and news broadcasts to create a cohesive and unbiased look into the life and times of the Pappas brothers, two bogan (recommend you look this word up on google) brothers from the rough suburbs of Melbourne who not only dreamed big but achieved big in a journey that must be witnessed to be believed.

Tas and Ben Pappas are what you’d call the quintessential red blooded Aussie, bull-headed, at times arrogant, fierce competitors and against all odds completely likeable. There the type of characters that despite there penitence for a rough as guts exterior, you know deep down there the type of people that would have your back no matter what the odds. The brother’s rise through the ranks of the skateboarding world (right through to their dealings with the snobbish sell out that seems to be Tony Hawk) is something utterly unique and compelling and the brothers remain throughout, figures you can’t help but be glued to. Martin has compiled at once a great mix of friends, past associates and film clips to create a world that at times feels like a narrative feature not a documentary and it’s a credit to the filmmaker’s talent that he can draw such true emotion from an undeniably affecting tale.

What transpires throughout All This Mayhem can be described as an emotional roller-coaster full of ups and downs and expect to be moved to tears by elements of this real life tale, a tale that against all odds acts as a cautionary one of what the fall from great heights can look like. An at times joyous and fun ride but also an equally moving and compassionate one, come the final heartbreaking statement from Tas Pappas you’ll be well aware that All This Mayhem is not only one of if not the year’s best documentaries, but one of the year’s best films period. Get your skates on and track down a copy today!

4 and a half awkward Hey Hey It’s Saturday appearances out of 5

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