Eddie’s Top 30 Movies of all Time

Eddie's Top 30 Films

Everyone has their own taste in films. Like all art forms one film can mean something to someone and nothing to another. After much deliberation and fussing I can now produly present to the people my Top 30 of All Time. Missing on the list are undoubtably many a classic and much loved films, but I feel confident that this selection represents some truley great and well made pieces of film art.

These films for better or for worse are reasons why I love cinema.

For a full listing of my Top 30 check below –

Eddie’s Top 30 Films

For detailed (and sporadic) reviews of my Top 30 see below –

* Scarface

* The Goonies

* A Prophet

* The Shawshank Redemption

* Fight Club

* There Will Be Blood

* Friday Night Lights

* This is England

* Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about his Father

* La La Land

* Interstellar

* Pulp Fiction 

* American History X

* The Prestige 


33 responses to “Eddie’s Top 30 Movies of all Time

  1. I’m glad that The Shawshank Redemption and The Thing made it to your Top 30 list … Thx Eddie, for letting me see the error of my oft-cynical inclinations that there are like-minded people out there who enjoy movies even more than I do … Hope is not such a dangerous thing after all ….

    • Thanks mate – I really do think the Shawshank does everything a movie can to make one either happy, sad or all in between and deserves all the credit it ever gets. Hope away is all I can say. Happy reading.

  2. Thanks for this list. I love the respect for JESSE JAMES! It’s such a great, underrated and powerful film. Beautiful cinematography too. Great shout outs for Into the Wild, Man on Wire, and Elephant.

  3. Great list. I agree with more of your picks (which is always a plus), but you make some really great points about the films I wouldn’t have remembered. Plus, you mentioned David Fincher. And that’s a sure way of getting a Like from me. xD

      • Completely agree! I’m curious, what do you think of Zodiac? It’s my favorite movie of his (and in general). It’s a lot slower than most movies, but the intensity is great. Fight Club and Benjamin Button are brilliant, though. Fight Club had me squinting the entire time to see if he might splice some footage of Tyler in without me noticing, and Benjamin Button had me in tears.

      • Mate some fantastic thoughts right here! Agreed on both Fight Club and Benjamin Button, which is a film if you go along with it can not be affecting and features an array of great performances.

        Zodiac is a underrated classic that after 3 watches from me still holds up remarkably well. A couple of scenes in particular (the picnic scene, the interview at the factory) are some of the most tense ever committed to screen not to mention the basement scene ekkkk. Just a fantastic thriller/mystery from a man that owns the genre.

  4. Eddie, I knew we could find common ground and thus develop a bond! lol I loved this list and mine would resemble yours. I was particularly glad to see Clive Owen on your list (uh-oh, my medieval lust returns I adored him as Arthur) especially in Children of Men which was so soooooo dark but so good. I’m a big fan of Clive’s. I was also glad to see the Machinist and The Prestige make your list as well. Christian Bale is an amazing actor, simply amazing. Too many others to list here that I agree with – great list.

  5. Eddie I love your list and your reasons to love movies. I have several me self, permit me to give you one, please: Arnold camouflaging himself with mud and calling out the monster by roaring and lighting the bonfire on the riverbank. When I saw Predator in the theater, people stood and roared back and shot their fists in the air. Spine chilling, great moment.

  6. I’ve only recently discovered your website and would like to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading this movie list particularly, I’m glad to see there are other people out there who share my love of film, thank you.

  7. I know it’s meaningless, but not as many overlaps with this as with Jordan’s list but still, some real beauts on it. Melquiades Estradas, Into the Wild Jesse James. There were more but my memory’s terrible.
    I know it’s dumb comparing anyway so bad habit. But I think between you you named some really great films there. 30s just not enough is it once you start digging around. I reckon 300 isn’t enough. You have to let so many go. Just to be an annoying pommy dick, I don’t think I saw a Hal Ashby film on your lists. Harold and Maude? The Last Detail? Being There.
    God damn – I just remembered how much I despise people who do that in comments under other people’s “Top 30” lists.

    I’ll get my coat …

    • Cheers for the comments mate, we don’t profess to call these the best ever films but to us for whatever reasons they are ha. I know Jordan is a big fan of Harold and Maude.

      • Oh yeah I know really. I just couldnt resist commenting cos I liked quite a lot off both your lists and that’s rare for film top XX lists. I usually get irate and throw poo at the screen. Withnail and I as well – top marks for that one whichever list that was on.
        Anyway great lists I thought.

  8. Great list Eddie, particularly like the inclusion of The Station Agent – a lesser known gem! Of course, your inclusion of There Will Be Blood alone shows your understanding of great craft.

    • I love the Station Agent! I really wish more had seen it. Dinklage was amazing in it.
      The list would’ve changed a little over the last few years with additions like Interstellar and La La Land, will have to get onto that re-do at some stage 🙂

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