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I can be contacted via the Contact Form below, or, if that isn’t working (its kind of temperamental…) feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and I will get back to you.

I’m always happy to hear from those in the industry, as well as other film fanatics and providers of feedback.

So, whether you’re contacting me regarding an upcoming release, festival, publication or collaboration, make sure to be in touch and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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149 responses to “Contact Me!

  1. Hi guys I wanted to contact you about our festival,
    The Alliance Française French Film Festival!
    We think the festival’s spirit and celebration of culture matches perfectly with what you’re doing. There for we wanted to ask if it’s possible to have an article about the event on your next publication?

    Please send me an email for more information at

    Love what you’re doing!, cheers

    • Had some issues with email!

      We don’t profess to be experts but some handy things to consider are

      Post regularly
      Come up with some unique topics and ones close to your heart
      Communicate with other film fans and share your work
      And most importantly have fun! If you love movies writing about them should be a joy not a task 🙂

      Wishing you all the best and look forward to seeing your blog in action.

  2. Hi, there seems to be something wrong with your ‘contact us’ box. Can you please let me know the best email to contact you on?

  3. Guys,

    My name is Gary Brun and I part own a production company, Sundown Picturehouse. About a year ago, over many beers, we decided we were going to attempt to make a web series. We went on Pozible and tossed around our ideas and ended up getting $8K to make it happen. Since then we have recruited each and every one of our friends that could act, turn on a camera or just had nothing better to do with their time and started filming. Through some smooth talking we have managed to end up with quite a star studded cast, with the likes of Johnny Boxer, Terrio Serio, Sean Keenan, Tony Bonner, Andrew McFarlane, Heather Mitchell, Hunter Page and many more jumping on board. After over a year of hard labor, ‘Shit Creek’ happened. The entire series is now online and I think that our web series is something you guys would enjoy. Below is a link to our trailer and our website so you can read a little more about the series and what we have done.

    I hope you enjoy and please get in contact if you’d like to do a write up about us.

    Gary Brun
    Sundown Picturehouse

    • Cheers for letting us know Gary 🙂 Always great to hear about people going forward with their ideas. We will have a look at how its all going and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
      J and E

  4. Hi Guys,

    Contact form wasn’t working – Marie-Therese Garvey here, a docco producer with a film screening, not once, but twice at the Sydney Film Festival. Just wondering if I could send you more info for a possible mention / review on the blog.

    Thanks a million,
    Mar (

    PS, your tag line should be ‘like David and Margaret only better looking”*

    *Does flattery still get you places?

  5. Hi, I am Julian Karikalan, an independent filmmaker based in Sydney. i have just completed my 100% self-funded feature film “Love and Love Only” which is a contemporary romantic drama between a working class Australian girl and an International student from India. The highlight of the film is that the songs and score for the film is composed by the World’s most prolific film composer Ilaiyaraaja. However, this is the first in English for him, and the songs are performed by Australian singer Rachael Leahcar. I am writing to ask you, if we could do an online campaign for the movie before and post release. The movie is set to release theatrically in Australia through Cinema on demand distributors fan-force. Please email me at and we can brainstorm all possibilities. Please check out for videos, stills and information about the movie.

  6. Hi guys,

    I’m Rob, and I’m a section editor for The Northsider, a local Melbournian newspaper. I’m preparing a review on Suicide Squad for our website, and I would love to have permission to use your photo, if that’s cool.


  7. Hey guys, Oliver Lewin here. Born in Melbourne, I’m now based in Los Angeles. I made this short with my mates and I was wondering if you would check it out, and if you liked it, you could post about it! We’ve been staff picked on Vimeo and premiered at SXSW.

  8. Hi. I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate you following me as my blog is totally new! You’re my first followers so thank you so much! Also spent hours on your page and I absolutely love it! 🙂

  9. Hi Jordan and Eddie,

    I hope you’re doing well and that you’ve had a great week.

    My name is Cassie, and I work with a London-based digital agency. I’m writing to you on behalf of a new platform that connects filmmakers and video creatives with brands. We are currently putting the finishing touches on an introductory video for the platform, which I would be happy to send over for you to preview next week. I was wondering if you would be interested in publishing the video and the corresponding press release once it hits?

    If this is something that you think might be a fit for your blog and your readers, please let me know. Additionally, would you also be able to provide your rate for the video embedment in your response via email? The best way to reach me is email:

    Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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