Classic Review – Se7en (1995)


Title – Se7en (1995)

Director – David Fincher

Cast – Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow

Plot – A serial killer operates in a nameless city, basing his murders around the 7 deadly sins. Brad Pitt’s arrogant rookie detective and Morgan Freeman’s veteran detective who just can’t wait to retire must partner up and delve deep into the darkness to stop the murders before the numbers run out.

“Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention.”

Review by Eddie on 11/06/2013

David Fincher announced himself to Hollywood (he began his career in ads and music videos) with this extremely dark and stylish thriller based on Andrew Kevin Walkers fantastically original and intense screenplay. Fincher’s visual knack is evident from the first sequence leading into his now trademark intro credits – check Fight Club or Girl With The Dragon Tattoo if you need any convincing of his credit masterstrokes.

It’s hard to picture a better director to tackle this grim tale of detectives David Mills and William Somerset and their plight to find the serial killer behind the deadly sins murders. The ace up the sleeve that Fincher implemented in this classic is the fact he doesn’t shy away from the horrendous crimes that have been committed, this gives the audience an inside view into what the detectives are discovering. As Mills and Somerset walk in on the first of the crime scenes the viewer can smell the stench and feel the evil that lies in the room of a the murdered man… “Gluttony” lays face down in a bowl, forced to eat until his insides burst. It’s not pretty to see or talk about, but after this scene it’s pretty certain that you won’t be having any spaghetti sauce for dinner that night.

To play Somerset and Mills, Fincher found two actors that were right on their game. Morgan Freeman plays his role to perfection, made all the better by his lack of voice over presence and Pitt really owns the role of the arrogant but rightly so Mills. It’s interesting to note that Pitt refused to sign onto the film if the now infamous ending was changed, giving some foresight into how much he believed in the project and the final outcome.

Se7en caused a fair sensation on release in 1995 and to this day it still has the ability to shock, scare and intrigue as much as it did on its opening weekend. Se7en also earmarked a new partnership between Fincher and his star Pitt who went on to release the incredibly well loved Fight Club and the more dividing yet no less magical Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Watch with the lights out and the phone off the hook. When it comes to the deadly sin of “sloth” lean forward and watch very very closely. You won’t be disappointed; it would be a sin if you were.

5 out of 5 Deadly Sins

20 responses to “Classic Review – Se7en (1995)

  1. Thank you for remembering this brilliant film (and for the follow !). I was so shocked by it, when I first saw it, back in 1995, that every time I saw Gwyneth Paltrow doing OK I was relieved ! Se7en greetings !!!!!!!

    • Still holds up on a re watch as well Mayann! Would of loved to have seen this on the big screen back in 1995 in a cinema jam packed full of first time watchers. (Eddie)

  2. Se7en and the Game are the only David Fincher movies I’ve yet to watch. Oh, and Alien 3. I think it was 3. I’m definitely going to check the movie out. From the trailer, the atmosphere seems to be the moodiest out of all Fincher’s movies, and the cinematography seems brilliant. Cool review.

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