Film Review – Movie 43 (2013): Eddie’s Take


Title – Movie 43 (2013)

Director – Peter Farrelly, Brett Ratner, James Gunn……

Cast – Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Johnny Knoxville, Terrance Howard, Dennis Quaid, Beezal The Cat

Plot – A random collection of “comedy” skits featuring a who’s who of Hollywood talent. The film centres on a crazed screen writer (Dennis Quaid) trying to get his screenplay published, a screenplay that features some truly original and “funny” skits.

“See the blind kid over there? I dare you to blow out his candles before he gets the chance to.”

Review by Eddie on 17/06/2013

Disclaimer – Movie 43 is a shockingly bad piece of film that has little to no redeeming features. This review and badness of film should not however stop you from watching it, I feel it is a duty of a film lover to see such an oddity in all its rotten glory, So-Bad-It’s-Good Cult status awaits!

I learnt something from Movie 43, something I may or may not have known already – Halle Berry really must need a pay check. The former Oscar winning actress stoops to new guacamole covered lows (who would of thought it could get much lower than Catwoman or Dark Tide?) in this truly awe inspiringly crazy and freakishly unfunny movie project. Sadly though she is not alone!

Made over a couple of years, Movie 43 features a massive array of Hollywood stars in front of and behind the camera. Highlights on screen for true career lows are – Dennis Quaid for his crazed screenwriter, accompanied by what has to be one of the worst emo-fringes seen on film, Hugh Jackman with a new addition to his chin, Gerard Butler as a crazed profanity spitting Irish Leprechaun, Elizabeth Banks as a victim of a seriously demented pet cat and the aforementioned Halle Berry as a women competing in the worst game of truth or dare your likely to witness.

This list of career lows barely even touches the surface of badness that inhabits this mind boggling inept film (the less said about Anna Farris and Richard Gere the better!). What makes this even less tolerable though is the people behind the camera could not come up with one decent idea for this film which somewhere and somehow may have been a pretty unique and decent foray in into comedy styling’s. Peter Farrelly, James Gunn, Brett Ratner and all the other “directors” can hang their head in shame in what they have come up with.

Who thinks a cat shooting a woman with a doubled barrel shotgun is funny? Who thinks it’s hilarious when Stephen Merchant gets plastic surgery for a game of truth or dare? Who rolls in the aisle at the mere thought of Wolverine tea bagging a baby with his chin testies? Obviously the people behind this true abomination thought most of us do, so if you said yes to any of the previous scenarios you may well just be adding Movie 43 to your all-time favourites list. The rest of us will need to come up with an alternative to not be scarred for all time.

My advice – if you like any of the cast members of Movie 43 do not watch this movie as it will be a lot harder to love them after it! If you like anything that is actually funny do not watch this movie! If you want to do something better with 90 minutes of your life like scrap booking, taxes or hitting your head with a plank of wood do not watch this movie!

Actually on second thought, watch this movie now and everything else you watch after it will seem like a masterpiece. Maybe that’s what the filmmakers had in mind all along? So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy, invite some friends and pass the guacamole.

Half an i-Babe out of 5

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