Film Review – Warm Bodies (2013)


Title – Warm Bodies (2013)

Director – Jonathan Levine (The Wackness)

Cast – Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich

Plot – A modern day retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story, where one of the lovers suffers from a severe case of being dead. Zombie “R” falls for beautiful human Julie after eating her boyfriend’s brain, thus setting in motion a relationship that will lead them on a journey to change the walking dead apocalypse.

  “This date is not going well. I want to die all over again.”

Review by Eddie on 19/06/2013

Before I get attacked by a bunch of Skins fan girls I want to announce that I am a real fan of both Nicholas Hoult and director Jonathan Levine. Hoult’s performance’s in About A Boy and A Single Man are fantastic examples of a young star plying his trade and Levine has impressed me with every one of his cinema outings, standouts including The Wackness and 50/50. It’s sad to say then from a fan’s perspective that I found Warm Bodies completely and utterly underwhelming.

Warm Bodies has undoubtedly an interesting premise, backed up by its impressive opening and neat story premise. The start and premise however are nowhere near enough to save the movie from what eventuates into a truly TV quality movie with an overall sense of blandness and missed opportunities. The films “bonie’s” (zombies which have deteriorated into walking flesh hunting bones) are some of the worst showcasing of CGI effects this side of Deep Blue Sea, just one aspect of the film that gives you the sense quality control was a bit off.

To overlook such sub-par production Warm Bodies central relationship between Hoult and Palmer really needed to reach grand heights. Sadly Hoult’s decent performance as a dead man and Palmers average display of heroine don’t make the viewer feel at all invested in their journey, the journey barely even achieving a notable event the entire 90 minute running time.

I wanted to like Warm Bodies. I wanted to be taken on a unique and abstract love ride but the film just does not try hard enough to reel you in. The film waste’s ideas, talented young leads and charismatic supporting players in Corddry as R’s best zombie buddy and John Malkovich (who registers as much heart in his performance as a bonie) as Julie’s army leader Dad. The movie set out to get hearts racing and judging by a majority of critic and audience reactions it achieved this, overall for me though, it barely raised a pulse.

1 beating zombie heart out of 5

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