Help us settle an argument… What is Kevin Smith’s best Movie?

clerks  persiguiendo_a_amy_1997_2 dogmaposterred_state_poster

Kevin Smith is one of the definitive directors of Generation X. His films speak for slackers everywhere, and after spending three quarters of them making us laugh, he always takes time to insert just the right amount of heart to endear them to his audience (in the case of the exceptionally confronting Red State, forget that statement).

So, just what is his best film? While Mallrats has nostalgic value, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is perhaps the ultimate cult film, the four included in the poll we believe are the real options; showcasing his undeniable wit and ability to craft iconic characters and settings like few others. It goes without saying that if you are yet to see any of the films listed, you are certainly now recommended to do so!

Clerks is his debut film, and introduced us to Randall Graves and Jay and Silent Bob.

Chasing Amy is unarguably his most accomplished film, and deals with the drama of human relationships in a refreshingly truthful way.

Dogma features outstanding performances from a star-studded cast, as well as his most intricate and controversial plot.

… and Red State is truly one out of left field, a unique thriller that leaves a lasting and quite devastating impact.

Feel free to comment with your reasoning!


9 responses to “Help us settle an argument… What is Kevin Smith’s best Movie?

  1. I chose Chasing Amy because iti s the most honest and funny as well. I probably have seen mallrats the most times though

  2. I voted red state.

    I enjoyed it, especially the first half and well I havent really seen the others so it kinda wins my vote by default

  3. I voted for Clerks for its historic value, arguably doing for the film industry what Nirvana’s Nevermind album did for the music industry, although Tarantino tends to get all the credit for the switch to Gen-X sensibilities.

    Dogma is a film I should have liked, given my opinion of the subject matter, but it was a bit disappointing, I think it could have been done with more intellectual-rigour without losing the humour. It’s not a film you watch repeatedly.

  4. I went with Chasing Amy but if given the option, I’d pick Clerks 2. While I like Amy quite a bit there are some parts where he still force characters to over pontificate as if he’s still figuring out how to beat use his strengths in writing dialogue. Clerks 2 is a much tighter film.

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