Film Review – 21 and Over (2013)

21 and Over

Title – 21 and Over (2013)

Directors – Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (feature debut)

Cast – Miles Teller, Skylar Astin and Justin Chon

Plot – Miller (Teller) and Casey (Astin) want to take their Asian friend Jeff Chang (Chon) out on the town for his 21st birthday celebrations. As per usual things don’t go to plan as the 3 friends get lost and hijinks ensure. Will Jeff Chang make it back home in time for his job interview the next day?

“Dude, I fell really alert right now. I feel like Spider-man!”

Review by Eddie on 15/07/2013

21 and Over is a comedy with lots of ideas and moments that don’t add up to an at all satisfying whole. Directors Lucas and Moore found instant success with their Hangover screenplay and here try to play up to those traits that made that film such an original and fresh comedy upon release. Sadly everything in 21 and Over has been seen before and seen better.

A major flaw in the film that the Hangover didn’t have was unlikeable central figures. Teller and Astin are hard to warm to especially in the case of Teller who seems to think the faster he talks the funnier he is, not true! Chon as Jeff Chang offers up some moments of nice comedic timing but really these 3 young men are not particularly likeable or interesting and despite a slight running time of 90 minutes the film drags due the lack of interest garnered from them, which is a shame because the film does feature some funny moments.

Flashes of originality stem from frantic moments such as a party featuring a Buffalo, a frat house filled with floors of challenges and crazy Latino betas. These elements offer up an insight into what the film could have been, a college version of the Hangover, a film showcasing fresh new talent but it was all a could have been.

21 and Over is an entertaining enough film, one that can waste away 90 minutes and provide a few hearty chuckles. It’s a film that offers up way more in what should have been a roll in the aisle type adventure, if only it spent more time on the journey and less on lame rants and tacked on love stories. In conclusion 21 and Over is for those 21 and under only.

2 paddle bats out of 5

3 responses to “Film Review – 21 and Over (2013)

  1. “In conclusion 21 and Over is for those 21 and under only.”
    Well said! I liked the film, but found it way too Hangover-like.

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