Film Review – Sharknado (2013): Why you should see this movie!


Title – Sharknado (2013)

Director – Anthony C. Ferrante (Headless Horseman)

Cast – Ian Ziering, Jaason Simmons, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo

Plot – Sharks literally find their way into a tornado, a tornado that terrorises the citizens of Los Angeles. Sharknado focus’s the spic fight for survival on our rag tag bunch of hero’s including bar owner and ex surfer Fin (Ziering), his employee and possible love interest Nova (Scerbo), Fin’s best buddy from Australia Baz (Simmons) and Fin’s Botox injected ex-wife April (Reid).

“We’re gonna need a bigger chopper”

Review by Eddie on 18/07/2013

Sharknado – if this title makes you vomit in your own mouth you should stay away from this made for TV movie like it’s the return of the black plague, if however that title offers up a sense of giddiness and a can you be serious thinking you need to watch Sharknado like right now! Like seriously stop reading and get a copy of this movie, it quite literally has thousands of poorly animated sharks inside a giant city destroying tornado!

To review Sharknado I found it impossible to do a normal analysis. What I have done is come up with a list of reasons why you should watch this amazingly badly made and seriously hilarious film. Here it goes, and please answer these questions honestly–

  • Have you ever wanted to see a man take on a flying shark with a chainsaw?
  • Does the proposition of seeing Tara Reid play 4th string in a made for TV movie sound like a fun night in?
  • Do you love the sound of makeshift Australian accents riddled with talk of kangaroo’s and mates?
  • Does the thought of sharks swimming through 10cm of water seem realistic and scary to you?
  • Would you love to see a shark rappel up a climbing rope?
  • Does the impending apocalypse sound much better with the chance of raining sharks?
  • Do you have a deep appreciation for filmmakers who seem to cut in a quarter of there film from You Tube clips?
  • Do you love laughing? Because seriously this is the funniest movie you’ll probably see this year.

If you answered yes to any of these questions Sharknado is for you, if you answered no to any of them please go seek counselling because something is clearly not right, kind of like sharks being able to breathe out of water! Sharknado is easily one of the best worst movies in recent years if not all time.

Half a shark filled tornado out of 5 (but seriously go and watch this movie!)

24 responses to “Film Review – Sharknado (2013): Why you should see this movie!

  1. I didn’t watch it when it aired but my twitter feed was inundated with mentions. Syfy is re-airing the movie tommorow. Going to watch it then.

    The actors are glad people got the movie is supposed to be ridiculous.

      • Just finished watching it. Thought it was beyond ridiculous yet pretty entertaining. I get all the hype.

        I’m thinking Sharnado 2: A Shark State of Mind for next years sequel.

      • How about Sharknami or Sharnami – the possibilites are pretty much endless 🙂 One thing that is for sure get ready for a massive influx of copycats or catnado’s! (Eddie)

      • I guess don’t fix it if it ain’t broke! Ole New York New York, can’t wait to see what they do with times square! Lets hope they can get someone of the calibre of Tara Reid to appear again. (Eddie)

  2. The whole idea of this film and you saying it was impossible to do the normal analysis immediately put me to mind of the Modern Family episode where Phil and Claire go to see ‘Croctopus’ but Claire reneges and instead sees some French film she falls asleep in.

  3. Had to see what the briefly-lived buzz was about. While ill never rewatch it, it was worth seeing. It was so over the top it made snakes on a plane seem like an everyday happening.

    • I think we owe it to ourselves to view once and would always be good for a laugh with a bunch of film fans – here’s hoping the sequel is even zannier (Eddie)

  4. Movies like these – so far beyond terrible they turn into some sort of meta-awesome – are very much a guilty pleasure of mine. Sharknado (and indeed, films like Snakes on a Plane, Piranha 3DD, Ghost Shark, Arachnoquake) are for me absurdist humour to the max! Loved it! Now when is someone please, please, please going to make Baboonami a reality?

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