Opinion Piece – Gravity: 5 Reasons why you should be excited


By Eddie on 13/09/2013 (Happy Friday the 13th)

I can contain my excitement no more! Gravity marks Mexican auteur Alfonso Cuaron’s first time back on the big screen since 2006’s genre classic Children of Men and I am completely unwavering in my excitement for what looks to be the big screen event of 2013.

A passion project for Cuaron for many years and going through countless cast changes (from Robert Downey Jr to Natalie Portman) Gravity’s hype was all hearsay until finally this year we got a glimpse at a truly awe inspiring debut trailer that has been backed up by other teasers, a recently debuted full length trailer and some seriously grand word of mouth out of the movies premiere last week at …

I cannot wait to book my IMAX 3-D tickets and eventually partake in the adventure that will be Gravity, a film that will hopefully showcase what original, thrilling and daring filmmaking can be.

Here below I have picked 5 reasons why you to should be excited for this movie and why this movie deserves to supported.

1. James Cameron think’s Gravity is the greatest space film ever made! –

Here is just some of what The Terminator and Avatar master had to say about the film, high praise indeed from a man who lays claim to some of cinemas all time biggest hits and most loved movies.

“The best space film ever done”, “The movie I’ve been hungry to see for an awful long time” and he was impressed by the “human dimension” which shows the film was not all visuals and no heart.

To read the full article click the below link –


2. Technology in Gravity is unlike anything used on a film before, adding a whole new element to the immersion process –

Cuaron assembled a crack team of behind the scenes dynamos to direct the film in a way that would push film making boundaries. Witnessing Gravity will hopefully be akin to seeing Star Wars in 1977 and a believing that filmmaking still has much more room to grow.

To read more about the technology behind the film click the link below –


3. The much maligned Sandra Bullock perhaps delivers in her finest hour –

Forget the forgettable that was The Blind Side the former miss Jesse James is the centre piece to Cuaron’s vision and by all reports bookends the film in a showing that will surely feature at the upcoming Awards season. It’s always great to see an actor at the very peak of there powers, Gravity will be this for an audience witnessing Bullock.

To read proof of Bullock’s grand performance click the link below –



4. It’s in IMAX and 3D –

IMAX needs no one to explain how awesome and unique it is but 3D has been steadily losing its edge ever since Avatar disappeared from the multiplex with audiences constantly treated to subpar post production conversions or shameless cash ins by film companies to squeeze some extra dollars out of a mediocre film.

With Gravity Cuaron has crafted his vision to not only be seen on the huge monoliths that are IMAX screens but crafted the film to use 3D in ways that have not yet been tried. One gets the feeling 3D was almost made for this film!

If you need some more knowledge on why IMAX 3D is where to see Gravity click the link below –


5. The reviews!

While it could be argued that reviews are not accurate they certainly are a good indicator of film quality. The film lovers second bible (IMDB of course sits number 1) Rotten Tomatoes pretty much tells the Gravity story.


What are you still doing here? Get out and grab an advanced ticket you don’t want to leave earth without it.

Are you excited for Gravity or does it not float your space suit? Let us know in the comments below.


30 responses to “Opinion Piece – Gravity: 5 Reasons why you should be excited

  1. Loved “Children Of Men”; really not bothered about the FX technology or the 3D (I’ve been to see one 3D film in the cinema and that was the first and last – hate it and think it’s an unnecessary gimmick) or whether James Cameron thinks it’s the second coming (I saw about fifteen minutes of “Avatar” and thought it was dreadful).

    However, the mitigating factor in my probably not bothering with it at the cinema is the casting of Clooney and Bullock in the leads. One is insufferably bland and the other is insufferably glib.

    Rant ends.

    • Ah interesting mate. I feel if you felt Children of Men was a good film (which it certainly is) Gravity is perhaps worthy of your time.

      As I’ve tried to display in my opinion the reviews seem to back up this film being a very worthy big screen outing.


    • I understand your feelings on 3D, and I agree, it’s an unnecessary gimmick… 90 percent of the time. But if you had seen Ang Lee’s Life of Pi in 3D, or Martin Scorcesse’s Hugo, you might be more inclined to give Gravity a try. A genius director who knows what he is doing can put the technology to great use. Sadly, the glut of hastily retro-fitted 3D movies is diluting whatever potential the technology had, and I’m pretty sure it won’t last. I’m more inclined to spend money on IMAX.

      • Great examples there Reasonable! I have only ever truely appreaciated 3-d for those films and also Avatar.

        I trust that what Alfonso has created with Gravity will be a pinnacle for 3-d filmaking and perhaps the use of IMAX in equal measure.

  2. Children of Men is one of the best science fiction movies ever made. Dare I hope that this will be another? It looks soooo good. It’s the movie I’m most looking forward to before the end of the year… and that’s really saying something, because the Coen Brothers and Terry Gilliam both have films coming out.

    • Hi Reasonable.

      Could not agree more! As I mentioned in the piece before we had these reviews and all this great word of mouth it was merely hearsay but I think it’s safe to say we have a real treat on our cards in a mere 3 or so weeks.

      Lets hope our expectations are not dashed upon a viewing but I get those good vibes from everything I see or hear about this beast.

      Happy watching 🙂


  3. This film has always had me interested and the fact that the director did Children of Men had me pretty excited, but the actors worried me a little bit and I didn’t want to be let down, but after reading this IM TOOO EXCITED! The moment I read “Witnessing Gravity will hopefully be akin to seeing Star Wars in 1977” I was sold. Thank you!

  4. I too enjoyed Children of Men as well as the 3rd Harry Potter movie. I also liked the Blind side. While not initially not excited for this film, because I thought I’d throw up with all the spinning, I am now excited after watching the long trailer.

  5. Obviously no where near the same budget or even remotely close in scope.. but to wet your appetite and help with the wait I suggest you watch a movie called ‘love’.

    Horrible name but is a greatly under appreciated small budget sci fi film that while at times tries to be deeper than it is, but is still very enjoyable.

    With that said I cant wait to see gravity. Will be my first cinema outting in about 2 months by time the time its out.

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  7. Thanks for liking my review of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her over at Ripple Effects. I was at TIFF13, but didn’t get to see Gravity. Your 5 reasons are all valid, too true, since I’m wary of motion sickness, and just watching the trailer has the effect on me. But, one day, on our local screen, I just might watch it maybe after taking a Gravol. 😉

    • I am very keen on Rigby sounds like it could be quite an experience (times two).

      I hope you can make it to Gravity – although might just be akin to being in space so not great for motion sickness.


    • Awesome Jason – I myself have my IMAX 3d tickets booked for this Saturday – going to be a hard wait considering it’s out here Thursday but I reckon it will be worth it.

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