Film Review – Dark Skies (2013)

Dark Skies

Title – Dark Skies (2013)

Director – Scott Stewart (Legion)

Cast – Kerri Russell, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo, Kaden Rockett, J.K Simmons

Plot – The Barrett family lead by Lacy (Russell) and Daniel (Hamilton) are being plagued by strange occurrences such as their house being attacked by birds, children wetting themselves and someone taking a fancy to rearranging there pantry. Is this merely someone playing pranks or is something more sinister and perhaps not of this world targeting them?

“What kind of animal eats all the lettuce but leaves the bacon?”

Review by Eddie on 19/09/2013

It’s always good to start with the good news first so here it goes, Dark Skies is a few crazed grandmas better than director Scott Stewart’s last two films Legion and Priest. Now onto the inevitable bad news – Dark Skies is still a very run of the mill average film that will be forgotten quicker than you can say “bad CGI aliens”.

The scariest thing about Dark Skies is just how good it could have been if it aimed for anything more than the “has been seen” before route of sci-fi/horror filmmaking. Nothing about Dark Skies is particularly inspired from the very beginning through to the predictable end. In between these bookends the film has its moments that keeps one watching yet so many that make you wish you had watched Signs instead.

The biggest issue with Dark Skies is its rent a character family the Barrett’s. Kerri Russell as hard working wife Lacy, Josh Hamilton as out of work Daniel, Dakota Goyo as teen Jesse and Kaden Rockett as the poor little blighter Sam are all uninteresting characters and give the audience no real reason to care what’s happening, and what’s happening never really is a mystery which is a major missed opportunity for the film.

Dark Skies can lay claim to being way more enjoyable and tolerable than it really should be. If you’re after a lazy night and a film to watch while the brain goes on auto pilot look no further than this particular beast. Judging by this effort director Stewart may just be aiming for something slightly better than mediocre next time round.

2 bird flocks out of 5

12 responses to “Film Review – Dark Skies (2013)

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  2. Definitely a disappointment because the filming and acting were on, but the story just wasn’t there. I think maybe they wanted to harken back to some of the more mysterious sci-fi films of the past, but they came off more as an attempt at imitation rather than inspiration.

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