Film Review – Snitch (2013)


Title – Snitch (2013)

Director – Ric Roman Waugh (Felon)

Cast – Dwayne Johnson, Jon Bernthal, Barry Pepper, Susan Sarandon, Michael K. Williams, Nadine Velazquez, Benjamin Bratt

Plot – Construction firm owner and family man John Matthews (Johnson) strikes a deal with  district attorney Joanne Keegan (Sarandon) to go undercover for the DEA under the supervision of Agent Cooper (Pepper) in order to free his innocent son from a jail term for drug possession. John’s world is turned upside down with gangsters including Malik (Williams) and ex-con turned straight man Daniel (Bernthal) entering his life.

There is no way I’m going to let either side dictate our fates.”

Review by Eddie on 3/10/2013

First things first, if you go into Snitch expecting some WWE worthy smackdown’s from Dwanye “don’t call me The Rock because I am a serious actor, seriously” Johnson you will be severely disappointed for Snitch doesn’t allow the hulking man giant any time for smackdown’s just time for thoughtful brooding faces. Snitch is a more slow paced and adult film than anything else Johnson has done, but it doesn’t necessarily make it good.

Snitch has a pretty interesting central story that is supposed to be based on fact, although how much of this is true is highly questionable. Director Waugh did a much better job on based on fact filmmaking with his powerful and gritty Felon as Snitch never really feels drenched in reality and never really seems to be going anywhere particularly fast, which sadly makes the film a fair old slog.

Keen to show the world his more than mere muscles (not a single wife beater wearing or shirtless scene is to be found by Johnson here) Johnson’s character of John while not unlikeable isn’t strong enough to hold the film together, it’s left to character actors Barry Pepper (supporting the biggest goatee committed to screen in a long time) and the increasingly awesome Michael Kenneth Williams to provide the goods while The Walking Dead’s Bernthal really is just playing a different version of Shane.

Snitch trusts to much in its obviously topical story, thinking that the audience would be glued to some form of moral dilemma facing our hero. Snitch is in no way a terrible film but for a movie that shuns action in favour of creating drama it just doesn’t work. It’s sad to say but a few more Rock smackdown’s would of made the world of difference and made a long 110 minutes feel like wild fun filled ride.

2 and a half “I’m a serious actor these days” out of 5

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