Film Review – The Internship (2013)

The Internship

Title – The Internship (2013)

Director – Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum)

Cast – Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rose Byrne, Max Minghella

Plot – Recently jobless salesman and best friends Nick Campbell (Wilson) and Billy McMahon (Vaughan) find themselves at the best place ever to work ever – Google. During their time doing an internship at Google Nick and Billy will make friends, find potential love interests in Dana (Bryne) and stick it to the bullies in the form of English jock Graham (Minghella) oh and the viewer will constantly be reminded of the fact Google is really super duper rad.

“Here’s the deal. I’m pretty terrific on the phones. I could sell prosciutto to a rabbi. And I have.”

Review by Eddie on 24/10/2013

The Internship is one informative movie! I learnt so much from this “comedy” in two hours it was almost like the life lesson I needed. Some of the things I learnt from this bizarre attempt at follow your dreams/losers to winners fable was – Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan more than likely had the time of their rich lives making this movie (too bad they don’t care if the audience does), if you ever need to bond with your workmates/teammates and learn life lessons just go and have a night out at the local exotic dance bar, you’ll learn so much and my most important life lesson learnt of all – Google is googley good!

The Internship is one of those movies that just makes you shake your head; a comedy that somehow forgot to put in the laughs. Vaughan and Wilson have showcased before just how good they can be when teamed together (Wedding Crashers a prime example of this and a comedy that provides regular laughs) but here the duo have stooped to a new career low and sold out to the lowest ebb possible – a movie disguised as a comedy that in no way whatsoever achieves anything of meaning on an entertainment level or underdog tale.

Seemingly trying to be as annoying as possible the film flirts from one set piece to another normally featuring both Nick and Billy way out of their depth in a world of young up and comers and tech wizards. These up and comers and tech savvy know-it-all’s are all mere caricatures and in no way reflect a realistic perspective of young people today, so it’s hard to care much for any of these thinly drawn supporting players. It also must be noted that even Wilson and Vaughn don’t really try to hard to earn the audiences support.

The Internship is a sad, shallow movie that represents a lot that is wrong with major Hollywood movies and in particular big budget comedies in the mainstream today. It’s an excuse to have a good time with buddies while disguising it as a “movie”. The Internship is made all the worse by it being one big 2 hour long promotional video for how amazing Google is, and that’s just offensive! I would say there are many punters out there that found this movie enjoyable and honestly I do feel sorry for them, I am all for being entertained with light fluffy entertainment but you could do a whole league better than this particular effort.

1 unneeded Quidditch match out of 5

28 responses to “Film Review – The Internship (2013)

  1. Is this the biggest piece of product placement since FedEx in Castaway?I’d like to see a film about interns struggling at Apple at the height of Steve Jobs’ neurotic megalomania/hissy fits

  2. I accept your pity:-) . I looked back to see what I thought and I really liked this movie. I prefer Owen and Vince when they are less manic.I definitely agree about the product placement, but truth be told, I had to Google (sorry) Quidditch and imagine my shame when I saw what it was. I have seen Harry Potter, I swear! I love your reply about Apple. I saw this movie with my sister and I said the same thing to her afterward.

  3. I’ve yet to actually enjoy a comedy that stars Vince Vaughn… although that being said, I did enjoy Dodgeball, but more a light drama than a comedy.

      • there was a time (circa ‘Swingers’) when people thought he might become the Bill Murray of his generation. It is unfortunate that although he is obviously pals with Owen Wilson, he hasn’t become part of the Wilson/Wes Anderson crew. it would be interesting to see how he would fit in that world.

      • i agree he could be good in a little independent drama (with the right script); character piece that plays on his persona and he tones it down the way Murray did in ‘lost in translation’. if he did, i think there’d be all sorts of reviews like ‘Vaughn’s performance is a revelation’ etc…

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  5. Lol, if i could have predicted the future and seen the gigantic tidal wave of hatred that was about to be heaped upon this project, I would have restrained myself a bit more in my own (considerably more positive) review of this! haha. I really enjoy the duo that is Vaughn and Wilson, no matter how stupid and pandering it is to a “lowbrow” crowd, or even to themselves. Undoubtedly the campaigning for Google got obnoxious, but I managed to enjoy myself. I am aware how fortunate I am. 🙂

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