Film Review – The Heat (2013)

The Heat

Title – The Heat (2013)

Director – Paul Feig (Bridesmaids)

Cast – Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demian Bichir, Marlon Wayans, Michael Rapaport

Plot – FBI agent Ashburn (Bullock) must team up with wild card Boston cop Mullins (McCarthy) to solve a high profile case and win a promotion from her boss Hale (Bichir).

“If you’re not in trouble you’re not doing your job”

Review by Eddie on 18/12/2013

It’s always good to start with the good news so without further ado it’s good to announce that The Heat is a whole hippopotamus better than Melissa McCarthy’s last headliner Identity Thief but the bad news is The Heat is nowhere near the same laugh riot that director Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids was.

The Heat is a film that works largely due to the fact that the central premise of two females teamed up together in a buddy cop style format feels wholly original and the chemistry between both Bullock and McCarthy ever so slowly builds up into a very nice pairing of the softly spoken college student turned FBI agent and the rough and ready local girl not afraid to ram perps with her car or publicly demean her boss. Bullock in particular does a good job as straight laced Ashburn while McCarthy falls into the trap of using swear words as a fall back despite some pretty laugh out loud singular moments. The chemistry between Feig’s leading ladies is diminished somewhat though by the films bloated run time and uninteresting storyline.

The thread holding the mad cap antics of this mismatched pair together is slight to say the least and one feels that with a more interesting and involving plot line the film would of zipped along to its near 2 hour run time instead of merely limping towards it. Another element of the films underwhelming achievements is the use of it’s supporting actors in particular that of Demian Birchir as the head of the FBI unit and Marlon Wayans as Ashburn’s co-worker Levy, these support players barely get a chance to make a mark in the picture and proper use of their ability’s would of added life to the film.

The Heat is a film that is more enjoyable than it has rights to be, it has a lame plot and cliché galore but thanks to two committed central performances and the novelty of a female buddy cop film it has enough laughs and heart to warrant a watch and in a year in which comedy films feel flatter than a deflated balloon it’s a welcome sight to have some genuine laughs.

3 leftover subs out of 5

19 responses to “Film Review – The Heat (2013)

  1. Bullock and McCarthy were perfect together and really made this one a laugh-riot, even when it seemed to go more towards the violence and actual police investigation of the story. Good review Eddie.

  2. Cant remember if I made it all the way through this one..

    I found it terrible

    but good on you for finding something to like in it

  3. a great review, I completely agree with everything you say. The two leads make this generic narrative way more funnier than it should be , but it is great fun and very watchable. McCarthy can only play one character, but it does seem to work here, whereas ‘Identity thief’ is absolutely terrible.

    • Awesome that you concur Moody! I would say she needs to do something different very fast or else her routine will become way to stale but this was one of her better films that is for sure.

  4. Perhaps its not funny as one would hope, but to me it was fun. This and Gravity in the same year, but Bullock doesn’t bull around any more. No more Miss Congeniality 2 any more thank you very much.

  5. I’ve watched The Heat two times and it was STILL hilarious the second time. I also did a review on my thoughts about the movie, you should check it out.
    Fantastic review as always.

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