Film Review – Paranoia (2013)

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Title: Paranoia (2013)

Director: Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde)

Cast: Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Amber Heard, Julian McMahon, Josh Holloway, Richard Dreyfuss

Plot: Dreaming of a life of riches and excess low level tech firm employee Adam Cassidy (Hemsworth) finds himself at the mercy of his up to know good boss Nicolas Wyatt (Oldman) which involves acting as in insider at rival Jock Goddard’s (Ford) tech firm. In doing this work for his boss Adam meets potential love interest Emma (Heard) and will have to overcome increasing odds to keep his head above water.

“Privacy. Absolute myth. There’s no such thing”

Review by Eddie on 6/02/2014

See the thing is I am pretty sure that Paranoia is supposed to be a thriller and the thing with that is it’s just not in any way shape or form thrilling which virtually nullify s any chance this film had at being solid entertainment and with a cast like this mixing in old hands with the new it’s a real shame that Australia’s very own Robert Luketic couldn’t direct the cast and material into a manner that made his film 21 the entertaining jaunt it was.

To be fair it would of taken a director with some serious savvy and smarts to make this material more than adequate with a daft script and equally bland characters the film was doomed to mediocrity before a single scene had been shot. Paranoia also comes across as more self assured than it is, thinking that talking techno mumbo jumbo is going to get it across the smart line where centrally it’s story is as daft and predictable as a thriller comes. With the weak material Paranoia presents one would think with a cast like this in the film it could of still succeeded in a throwaway type of deal but sadly this is also not the case.

Not possessing any of his older brothers charm and getting lost in a myriad of designers suits former Mr. Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth fails in one of his first leading roles instilling Adam with not an ounce of likeability. Whilst Liam gets a big cross beside his name the older heads of the cast don’t fare much better with Gary Oldman in particular delivering what can only be described as one of his worst big screen performances as heavy hitter businessman Nicolas Wyatt. Filled with silly looking ties and a seemingly put on cockney accent Oldman completely frizzles his material with only a few tiny screentime scenes with Harrison Ford generating any real obvious recommendations.

Paranoia is a film too bland and generic to tear shreds off so therefore will not get a low of a rating as perhaps some think it deserves. It certainly is a waste of talent that signed on for the project and is further proof that Luketic is a director more fond of visuals and styles than directing his cast in a memorable fashion. File this movie away to watch if nothing else is available and if you respect Gary Oldman perhaps miss it completely.

2 designer suits out of 5

27 responses to “Film Review – Paranoia (2013)

  1. Sounds rubbish, even with a decent cast like that. One thing though, you do realise Gary Oldman IS a cockney? Or is this an exaggerated cockney he is putting forth?

  2. Good review Eddie. This movie was total shit. And to make matters worse, it was one of those films that were filmed in Philly (my hometown), despite trying to say it was “taking place in New York”. Slap in the face.

  3. Sounds like this is one to skip no matter how much Hemsworth there is in it… seriously… what did their parents eat?

    • His is certainly eye candy for the ladies out there but his charisma is surely lacking.

      I think a few people the world over are keen to research those Hemsworth genes!

  4. “Paranoia is a film too bland and generic to tear shreds off so therefore will not get a low of a rating as perhaps some think it deserves.” — That’s pretty fair Eddie, I have no issues with that logic, although I destroyed it my own review lol

  5. I made a review of this too months ago but didn’t include this moment of stupid because its a *SPOILER* remember that scene where Adam visits the female token to tell her that he hasn’t been entirely honest with her? it cuts to post nookie, he steals her phone while she’s asleep, and after a stupid lame botched attempt to get the “thing” the female token confronts him about lying to her. What did they talk about before? so he just pulled the pity card to get laid before he gets caught? either he’s not only bland but also a jerk, its sloppy writing or its both.

    • I never even thought of that Bill but your spot on there in your thinking! I was expecting something like that more of a throwback to the 70’s thrillers that actually were thrilling.

  6. The plot sounds like is was lifted straight from “Duplicity” – but that was more of a sexy comedic romance than a thriller… but I really liked that movie 🙂

  7. “Not posessing any of his older brother’s charm” I can agree with this. Chris Hemsworth was great in Rush. He has really proven himself as a dramatic actor.
    Sadly, despite the movie’s failure and panned performances, Liam Hemsworth will still continue to get roles. I could see him starring in a string of mindless action flicks after The Hunger Games series ends. He’ll probably end up doing some generic cop show in the future.

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