Film Review – Rush (2013)

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Title – Rush (2013)

Director – Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon)

Cast – Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara

Plot – Based on the real life rivalry of Formula One racing drivers and on track rivals James Hunt (Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Bruhl) Rush looks to sit the viewer into the high octane action of the drivers at the times perilous 1976 racing season.

“The closer you are to death the more alive you feel”

Review by Eddie on 13/02/2014

When Oscar nominations were announced this year many bemoaned the lack of Rush in any of the categories with Ron Howards FI biopic not even able to score a look in in any of the seemingly appropriate tech or sound spots. It’s a curious and unanswerable question when one is to ask why Rush was so overlooked, but it’s also not hard to see why the film was perhaps just merely forgotten about.

Rush is a film that from a production stand point would be graded in the highest order yet there is an element amiss in the film that stops it from being an emotional movie, a movie that transcends whatever scene it is set in and gets viewers to appreciate it on a whole different wave length. The sound editing, visual effects, stunts and Anthony Dod Mantle’s at times ground breaking and stunning cinematography (after this effort and his work on films such as 127 Hours and Dredd 3D Mantle is quickly establishing himself as one of the best in the DOP game) in Rush are without question A grade efforts but Howard has somehow miss–stepped when concentrating on the lives of these two different and amazingly driven men.

In one of his first lead roles outside of the Marvel universe Hemsworth as playboy James Hunt is a solid presence in the film but one can’t help but feel it’s pretty much Thor in a fast car and therefore not much of a stretch of his acting ability. Daniel Bruhl as the much more stoic and professional of the two racers Niki Lauda does a fine job of portraying a man that at times is extremely hard to care for and that’s where the film becomes an enjoyable one not a classic. These two true life men lead undeniably interesting lives and the focus of the events in the film are on occasions edge of your set moments but to transcend a film to another level (and get those Oscar nominations) you need to have people that no matter how vile or arrogant they get they still draw your feelings out, and James and Niki sadly just don’t have that.

A never dull and visually impressive piece of movie entertainment Rush is another fine entry into the increasingly broad film catalogue of director Ron Howard who is one of the most consistent and interesting directors working today. Rush is also a film that could have been so much more but as it stands is a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable night in with a movie, just don’t expect to be thinking about it in the days following.

3 and a half lung cleanouts out of 5

47 responses to “Film Review – Rush (2013)

  1. I have to admit, I liked it too. Not normally a fan of car racing OR sports films but this one was quite well done and equally interesting.

  2. Urgh, I was so disappointed in this film. I thought they missed a trick by not spending more time on Lauda’s accident and recovery, which, I think woud’ve made for a much more engaging film.

    • Yeh mate it seems like Howard has readily admitted that he pretty much knew nothing about FI or the story really until reading Morgan’s script. Considering that he did a mighty fine job and poor old Scott has been on a lean trot lately, although Exodus can hopefully change that around.

  3. Had this one downloaded for a while ready to watch..

    But everything else seems more important.

    After your review however, I may even watch it tonight

  4. I have to disagree with “Thor in a fast car” I don’t think those characters are the acting style are alike at all. He’s a legit actor and he’s getting better and better and he’s particularly good at emotional stuff.

    • Interesting you feel that way between the two Thors, Avengers, Cabin in The Woods, Red Dawn and this I don’t think I have seen Hemsworth doing the emotional stuff perse. I do believe he has ample talent but have not yet seen a real stretch of the ability he has.

      • Emotional stuff is in Cabin, Thor, Avengers…it’s a big part of the role, anger, crying, pain ect…
        There’s a scene in Cabin which Whedon and Goddard were blown away by and realized Hemsworth was going to be big. Most of his roles are not that alike when you really think about it or not think about even. His worst was probably the Snow White movie b/c the accent was a little iffy.

  5. Broad is a perfect word to describe the directing career of Ron Howard, and certainly a mostly impressive one, as well. Rush did not appeal to me much, but considering the fairly strong support it has garnered, I may catch it eventually.

    Nice write-up!

  6. Good review Eddie. The fact that Howard was able to make us care for both of these guys and see why exactly it was that they mattered in the grander scheme of things, is something that surprised me and made me happy to see. Especially coming from him, a director I’ve never been too all that big of a fan of, to say the least.

    • Awesome Quibble we look forward to hearing more from you, interesting rant on Rush as it seems an overwhelming precent seemed to dig it, but I can see some valid points.

  7. Rush was perhaps the film I regret not seeing the most out of last years lineup. It just looked like the film had a very keen eye for visuals, and a film with a keen eye for visuals usually wins me over (not talking about CGI here). I have seen so many films with an interesting story marred by boring visuals, and the same the other way around, Rush seems like a good balance of the two judging by your review.

  8. Always interesting to hear your take on things, but from my review it was like we were watching different films ha. I was just so impressed with the dialogue and that’s one of the reasons it left an impression for me. Wasn’t surprised it was the same writer of Frost/Nixon. Curious that it was Howard directing it. he does have a broad range.

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