J & E’s 2014 Post-Oscar Breakdown

Steve McQueen jumping for joy after accepting the award for Best Film for 12 Years a Slave

Steve McQueen jumping for joy after accepting the award for Best Film for 12 Years a Slave

By Jordan and Eddie

Another year done and dusted on the Awards Circuit, celebs can breathe a sly of relief and we can go back to watching popcorn fluff until awards contenders come around again. Yesterday in what was an easy going and very watchable ceremony Gravity and 12 Years a Slave walked away triumphant and therefore last year was rightfully rewarded with 2 brave and unique films forever to be known as the best of the best of 2013.

Below we both quickly give our overview of the Awards and also importantly check in on who predicted the highest number of correct award wins out of us both. A paid for meal for the winner and a more empty pocket for the loser to follow.

Final Oscars TallyJ and E’s Predictions vs Results

Hollywood’s finest may of been batteling it out in the Dolby Theatre, but Jordan and Eddie had more than pride riding on the line with our Oscar Predictions. So who got it right more often than not and took home the crown of chief Awards Predictor? See results below!

J and E's Pre-Oscar Prediction Tally

J and E’s Pre-Oscar Prediction Tally

As the Awards drew to a close the final tally for correct guesses out of the 24 categories were – Jordan with 9/24 and Eddie with 18/24, consequently Eddie can now bask in his win and think upon his meal.

To go along with this Eddie’s prediction of a Gravity tech clean up proved correct guessing the right on the money 7 wins for the space extravaganza and the correct totals for runners up 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club with 3 each. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that thankfully American Hustle was shunned completely and the fantastic Her got just rewards with a win in best original screenplay.


The Highlight

Not your average pizza delivery run we are thinking

Not your average pizza delivery run we are thinking

Eddie – 12 Years a Slave pulling off the ultimate victory was a great finale while the well deserved clean up by Gravity is a fine reward for a technically marvelous film. American Hustle’s shutout warms the cockles of the heart.

In a ceremony sense what could beat that selfie? The pizza ordering was funny for a while also.

Jordan – 12 Years a Slave taking out the big prize was truly a correct decision; it’s a terrifically powerful film mounted by an unflappable professional and featuring brave, rounded performance from a talented cast, including deserving Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o. Both decisions being the highlights in my eyes.

The Lowlight

How did Vinterberg's stunning The Hunt not win for foreign film?

How did Vinterberg’s stunning The Hunt not win for foreign film?

Eddie – John Travolta looking like a piece of plastic and totally failing at introducing the rendition of Let it Go comes atop whilst the in memoriam section of the awards has become a little bit lacklustre and the people concerned deserve a little more of a send off.

Jordan – The great George C. Scott, upon being nominated (and subsequently awarded with) an Oscar for his outstanding performance in Patton stated that the Academy Awards “ceremonies are a two-hour meat parade, a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons.” Although I’m sure my opinion will lighten in the coming days, at the moment I believe he was correct bar one thing; there is in fact no suspense, unless you count the moments of waiting patiently until the next disappointment arrives.

What ignited this fleeting anger? Thomas Vinterberg’s emotionally devastating, impeccably crafted drama The Hunt not winning Best Foreign Language Film. The masses may dismiss this category, but those who enjoy cinema beyond the spectacle should agree with me that it is one of the most important. Too bad the credibility of the ceremony in this regard is now dashed.

Also, I’m not sure exactly what Fassbender has to do in order to finally be recognized…

The Best Speech

Winning hearts the world over Nyong'o displayed true grace in accepting her Best Supporting Actress award

Winning hearts the world over Nyong’o displayed true grace in accepting her Best Supporting Actress award

Eddie – Really nothing comes close to Lupita Nyong’o, her speech was full of grace, humility and smarts and was virtually the quintessential acceptance speech. Here’s to a long career in Hollywood young lady!

Jordan – See above… I had goosebumps and a tear in my eye listening to Nyong’o also. I always appreciate the enthusiasm and sheer happiness that shines from first time winners in the short film categories, especially in this case Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares for Mr. Hublot.

The Worst Speech

Alright, alright, alright - we get it man you like talking a lot of smack

Alright, alright, alright – we get it man you like talking a lot of smack

Eddie – cant say the Awards night was full of great speeches but it certainly had its fair share of average ones. The cream of the crop was the cringe worthy Darlene Love belting out a very awkward rendition of a gospel song “His Eye is on the Sparrow” when accepting the 20 feet From Stardom win for best documentary whilst the stars of Dallas Buyers Club in McConaughey and Leto seem to be wafting a little in their own self importance in particular the normally loveable McConaughty who admitted that he is his own personal hero hmmmmmmmm.

Jordan – Again, see above… she sings because she’s happy, but man it was just off. Still, good on her for trying.

The Biggest Surprise

Some may question Cuaron's win but lets remember the man went home empty handed for Children of Men!

Some may question Cuaron’s win but lets remember the man went home empty handed for Children of Men!

Eddie – Without a doubt a tie with The Hunt losing out in the Foreign category to the overblown Great Beauty and the fantastically original The Act of Killing losing out to the more predictable and safe 20 Feet From Stardom in the Best Documentary Feature.

Jordan – It may not be the biggest surprise, and I’m sure that many (including Eddie) are happy with the call, but considering the immense use of technical FX I still found Alfonso Cuarón’s win for best director for Gravity a shock. Of course, while I think Steve McQueen was more deserving, I take nothing away from Cuarón’s work and I’m sure McQueen has even greater work ahead of him for future nominations.

The Host Rating

Ellen adding some colour to preceding's, she did a fine job of hosting

Ellen adding some colour to preceding’s, she did a fine job of hosting

Eddie – Not side splittingly funny but never unbearable DeGeneres did a fine job as host and despite spruiking Samsung one to many times should be given a golf clap for her entertaining work on the night.

Jordan – Ellen DeGeneres has an immediate and very apparent charm that is perfectly suited to hosting major events, still though, the short tribute to one of America’s finest in Steve Martin has only left me thinking that I’d love to see him or another film legend have another crack sometime soon. Overall, a solid but uninspired effort.

How did you feel about the Awards? Was it just rewards or did the Academy get it wrong? And who wants pizza? Let us know in the comments below!

51 responses to “J & E’s 2014 Post-Oscar Breakdown

  1. I think Cuaron deserved the directing prize not just for Gravity, but as a consolation for not even being nominated for Children of Men.

    I’m still LOL-ing at Travolta’s colossal fail. And his hair . . . good lord.

  2. I understand that Ellen DeGeneres (who does exude a certain amount of charm, and is capable of some witty asides) wanted to chum it up with the audience (selfies, pizza, passing the hat around as a collection plate, how ya doin’?, etc.), and perhaps just this one time, that’s okay. But I hope we get more polish in future telecasts. I would love to see Kevin Spacey be the emcee. He has class and talent–and can be funny as hell.

  3. Lupita’s speech was my favorite, and I liked Leto’s speech. I’m so happy Leto and McConaughey won for their performaces. They were incredible in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

  4. Good read guys. I felt the awards were pretty decent. Ellen was charming and funny. The winners were predictable, but correct most of the time. It was a bit long though.


    • Yeh they were Adam, I reckon if they could keep it to 2 and a half to 3 hours it would be perfect and less old starlets (eg Babs) belting out tunes would be great.

  5. nice post–the best part of the night is that american hustle and wolf of wall street were shut out. neither of those films were oscar worthy in any way, shape, or form.

    • I did really like Wolf mate but avoided Hustle like the plague since it’s complete over hyped release and the fact it was following on from one of the worst over rewarded films of recent times Silver Linings Playbook.

  6. I found it mostly enjoyable, Ellen did good and funny as usual. I do agree with you on The Hunt deserving the award more than the overrated winner. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one to feel the cringe at Darlene Love’s singing. And I felt U2’s Ordinary Love deserved the best song award. Pizza scene was out of place.

    • I was secretly hoping the Moon Song might pull off an unlikely Best Song win. I think The Hunt will live long into the future with the more people discovering it’s undeniable power.

      • That song really worked with Her, the performance was great and I Iiked it better too. In the long run I’ll remember The Hunt and the other songs that didn’t win than the winners.

  7. I love Lupita too. Very pleased she won. I would have liked Her to win, but glad that 12 Years got it instead. I’m hearing you on the Fassbender. I hope his time will come.

  8. I like this year’s Oscars. And the highlight of the event, aside from what you have pointed out above, is the time when John Travolta’s said “Adele Dazeem”. Too drunk to read, Travolta?

  9. I agree entirely about The Hunt, The Act of Killing and Michael Fassbender. All should have won awards. Other than that, all pretty predictable. And, whilst I liked the film, I’m glad American Hustle won nothing because it wasn’t on a par with the others.

  10. To Jordan: Why did you think American Hustle was going to get any Oscars, let alone five? Great post guys, more positive than my slightly bitter take on the ceremonies.

    • Because I’m a very cynical individual, and Hustle was full of actors that Oscar seems to adore, whilst also telling an up-tempo tale of an American con which the panel normally froths over as well.
      I guess they showed me there may in fact be some credibility remaining in the ceremony… that is until The Hunt didn’t win…

  11. G’day mates! I think that “Hustle” was robbed at least of one Oscar, and that was for the costumes (the fashion addict spoke). Then, regarding the Foreign Language film: I am Italian, and it’s been months now that I’m asking myself WHAT the jurors worldwide (Oscars, Bafta, Golden Globes…) understood of “The great beauty”. That is a decent film on Italian cultural decay, set in my beautifully photographed beautiful city, but it’s not even Sorrentino’s best.

  12. Don’t really get what all the fuss was about for Lupita’s speech. Maybe i’m just naturally allergic to “follow your dreams” Hallmark moments.

    As for Gravity’s near domination of the awards, I have to say I’m not too happy. I liked it a lot and thought it was a fun thrill ride, but I really, really don’t think it was as technically dominant over the rest of the special effects crew as everybody else seems to believe. I like my movies with actual on-location camerawork and less green/blue screen, or at least a combo of practical and digital effects. Also, I’ve never been a fan of “Oscar apologies” where the academy tries to make up for past sleights by automatically giving an award to someone later, thereby chiding another person in the process e.g. Scorsese for ‘The Departed’ to makeup for Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and Raging Bull, and Cuaron for ‘Gravity’ to make up for Children of Men. I don’t see how snubbing yet more people to make up for previous snubs is right.

    In any case, I’m glad 12 Years won if for nothing else than it makes Hollywood look a little less whitewashed and monocultured. In that sense, I think Ellen’s “you’re all racists” joke was spot on.

    (Sorry for the grumpiness, my ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ walked away empty-handed 😛 )

    • Hi Celtic

      I must say when I watched Gravity in IMAX 3D I truly knew I was witnessing an advancement in technical attributes for movies and I am very happy for it winning many of the tech awards. In regards to Cuaron’s win I am happy for him but would of also loved to see McQueen rewarded for his bold work.

      Despite my huge enjoyment of Wolf I can’t say I am overly surprised of it’s win shunning in the end it got just deserves with 5 very decent nominations and let’s just hope Leo can finally get a win somewhere along the line!

      • That’s an interesting statement about Gravity. I had similar mixed reactions when Avatar was released several years ago, namely that almost any film can look spectacular with all the bells ‘n whistles in IMAX 3D or 4D or whatever. I honestly feel that the best test of a film’s special effects is when a movie can look great even on a tiny 2D computer screen, stripped away of all high-profile jargon. In that sense, Gravity’s effects are still good as I was impressed even watching it on my laptop, but I’d still say that calling Gravity’s technical achievements a revolution in cinema is still a way overblown statement much like Avatar’s.

        Call me old fashioned, but I have far more respect for old-fashioned, practical techniques besides digital, or better yet, a clever mix of digital and practical effects (e.g. LOTR). When you shoot an entire film like Gravity on a computer or against a blue screen, I just never find it as technically impressive as actual camerawork on location. That’s just me though. Everyone has their own special effects preferences, I guess.

      • Intriguing thoughts mate, I find now now that the effects in the new Hobbit films are horrible, I will always back up Gravity as a tech niqual marvel what they achieved with the camera and also effects to me were groundbreaking.

  13. The awards show really had a lot to talk about. I think Ellen did a great job. But towards the end, I got a bit sleepy and finally wished them to be over soon (it was 6 am here in Germany when the Oscars were over). I was very surprised that Gravity got 7 Oscars! I knew it would get at least 3, but I didn’t expect 7 to be honest. However, I also think that it deserves them. I think it took a lot of work to produce that spectacular movie.
    I was also happy about Her winning an Oscar. I love Spike Jonze, and can’t wait to see that movie already! But I was sad that it didn’t get the oscar for the original song The Moon Song. And I was a bit sad that The Wind Rises didn’t win for best animation.
    But all in all, everything was quite fine.

    • Oh wow that is an early one for those Germany based movie lovers! It was on live here in Australia at roughly 12.30pm so not bad at all (if you can get out of work!).

      I must say I had a good feeling about Gravity picking up those 7 Awards but was just hoping with all my might that Her would pick up it’s well deserved best screenplay gong and it did so I couldn’t be more happy. Jonze is a very interesting character and a fine filmmaker.

      • I loved the part where she said that it’s foolish to think a woman can’t lead in a movie. Lupita overall had the best speech by far.

        I thought of you both that you’d be happy an Aussie won lol 🙂

  14. I’m happy to read that you shared my joy at American Hustle walking away empty handed – the film was completely devoid of any real meaning.

    I thought Ellen did a great job, particularly in comparison to Seth MacFarlane last year. She made the show seem unpretentious for us lowly viewers and un-awkward for the ‘stars’.

    I enjoyed Lupita’s speech and Cate Blanchett’s – they both used their platform to say something important, in my eyes anyway 🙂

    • Glad to hear Sun-and-Stars. American Hustles lack of awards is a great thing for cinema and as you said it was good to hear some speeches that encouraged positivity without seeming to pretentious, and seriously go Cate you good thing! Representing us Aussies the world over.

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