Jordan & Eddie in the UK Press!

Well… kind of…

It appears that scientists have discovered a “couch potato” gene, and a pill to beat laziness is now in production. A breakthrough in modern science (some) might argue, so who was chosen by UK publication Express to be the face of this lethargic, listless generation?

Why, Jordan of course…

What they didn’t know in including this photo for use was that it was taken in the early hours of the morning while I was working with a small team on a 20min short film that had to be completely written, shot and edited across a long weekend (hence the seedy beard). Talk about one-sided journalism…

See below for the article, and the full article from the source here.

No idle boast, a pill that will help cure laziness could be here

A PILL to beat laziness is a step closer after scientists discovered a “couch potato gene” that makes people less inclined to be active.

Scientists have discovered a 'couch potato gene' [GETTY - PIC POSED BY MODEL]

Scientists have discovered a ‘couch potato gene’ [GETTY – PIC POSED BY MODEL]

The breakthrough holds out the hope that in future some people could take an “exercise tablet” every day to help keep them fit and healthy.Researchers in Aberdeen and Beijing found the gene mutation that may explain why some people shun exercise and are more likely to put on weight and develop health problems.Lead researcher Professor Wei Li, of the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology in Beijing, said: “We discovered that mice with this gene mutation were typical couch potatoes. They walked only about a third as much as a normal mouse, and when they did move they walked more slowly.“The mice became fat and they also developed other symptoms similar to a condition in people called metabolic syndrome – a medical term for those with a combination of risk factors related to diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

It is not going to be a cure for everybody but for people with this particular mutation it might be quite possible to treat them – Professor John Speakman, co-author

“What was of particular interest was that, when we gave the mice a drug that acted on the dopamine signalling system the genetic defect could be overcome and the mice became more active and thinner.”The study – published in the journal PLOS Genetics – compared “normal” mice with mice that had the gene mutation.Co-author Professor John Speakman, who works between the University of Aberdeen and the IGDB, said: “It is not going to be a cure for everybody but for people with this particular mutation it might be quite possible to treat them.“Obesity is an expensive disease. If you are able to treat people and reduce their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, the cost-benefit equation is in favour of the treatment.”

The infamous Joy Boy - A film by a genetically lazy director

The infamous Joy Boy – A film by a genetically lazy director

27 responses to “Jordan & Eddie in the UK Press!

    • Sorry for that! I just wanted to write:

      Haha that’s a great picture, certainly not the right one to show a couch potato! That’s really a kind of bad journalism! Ah UK….

      • Ha, when your friend is a photographer you never know where snaps like this will end up! (though I didn’t even know this was taken at all until it was pointed out to me today, ha). Yep looks like you’ll have to pick up the story, at the very least I am slightly curious about this gene now…

  1. …I wonder if a shot of someone sitting on an actual couch & watching TV wouldn’t be more appropriate, and also easier to find?

  2. Ha! This is freaking awesome! When I worked for a magazine, the picture editor was always getting stick for commissioning photos to be printed that turned out to be massively out of context. At least it’s a laugh (I hope!) B-)

  3. What a waste of money! They could have used some of my to blood to isolate the couch potato dream! My fee would have been only half of what the mice were charging them! God almighty what a waste! I’m pissed off! Thanks for sharing and have a great day Jordan and Eddie!

    • Haha, people must have a low standard of models these days.
      The person who took the photo emailed the article to me after she discovered it, her shots end up all around the world. This is the first time I’ve ended up anywhere ha.

  4. I was wondering where somebody got a picture of me in that red wig. Really, take me back 20 years, we could be twins. Good job., You deserve to be known.

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