Film Review – Blue Caprice (2013)

Blue Caprice - post

Title – Blue Caprice (2013)

Director – Alexandre Moors (feature debut)

Cast – Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond, Tim Blake Nelson, Cassandra Freeman

Plot – A look at the events in the lives of John Muhammad (Washington) and Lee Malvo (Richmond) preceding the Beltway Sniper attacks of 2002 that left a nation reeling and a country in a state of fear.

“All it takes is a little push”

Review by Eddie on 26/03/2014

A well shot, moodily scored and impressively acted indie from last year, Blue Caprice is also a frustratingly cold film that in the end misses the mark in such a way that you just can’t help but wish you were more affected by a story that is all different types of sad and horrific in equal measure.

Alexandre Moors film looks to delve into the events leading up to the tragic 2002 Beltway Sniper shootings around the USA that led to the deaths of 10 innocent civilians at the hands of John Muhammad and Lee Malvo. It must be noted that these events Moors displays in the film are largely dramatizations as facts concerning the two men remain sadly blurred. With the blurring of these facts and fictions the films growth as a narrative does suffer as what we are presented with is a strangely generic telling of a true story that is anything but. While moments in the film are at times extremely shocking and confronting they’re merely short bursts of memorable material that quickly dissipates back to slow moving and uninvolving instances – these moments of quality are made increasingly more annoying due to the films many other affective sums not adding up to a satisfying whole.

Seasoned actor Isaiah Washington has rarely, if ever, been better than he is here in a role that must of required quite a lot of mental and emotional stress on his behalf. The character of John is a role that features much pent up rage and at times evil that Washington cleverly plays to and is backed up by a very assured performance from young actor Tequan Richmond as his surrogate son Lee. Lee is a boy whose lot in life has left him scarily low choices to make and Richmond does a fine job at displaying this sad boy and also excels at the moments where a boy becomes more than that and becomes a monster. Sarah Neufeld and Colin Stetson’s affective score must also be commended here as a haunting accompanying piece to a growing terror.

A well-made movie yet undeniably cold and at times to distant for its own good Blue Caprice is an interesting look into an horrific situation that you get the feeling will one day be turned into a much bigger and affecting big screen treatment.

3 combat handbooks out of 5

10 responses to “Film Review – Blue Caprice (2013)

  1. I was living in DC when all of this was going on and it was very scary. I had one friend who was in one of the parking lots where someone was shot and I remember calling 911 when I spotted a white van coming down my street. I agree with you that the acting was very good, especially Isaiah Washington, but there is something missing that doesn’t pull you in. Maybe that has something to do with the acts themselves…cold, but not passionate killings.

    • Wow Joan scary stuff indeed I can’t even imagine the sense of fear that would of encapsulated the area and the country. I the film seems to aim for almost to cold for it’s own good but I do hope one day someone can tackle this story in a way that is both touching and insightful as to why this occurred.

  2. Thank you Eddie. I recall that time, my roomie was from DC area, kept in contact with family, things were tense. No one got hurt in her family, parents formed shields and the like around their kids when they took them to school.

  3. Washington was great in this and really makes me miss him. I hope this means that he truly is back to the big screen. Hopefully. Good review Eddie.

  4. I was also living in the DC area during the time of the sniper attacks; I’ll have to see this movie and compare it to my memories. I was driving in suburban Maryland when one of the attacks occurred — I’ll never forget the SWAT team that ran right by me, up the middle of the street in heavy traffic, looking into each car as they went by.

    • Gee Wizz Bill unlikely that those type of memories will ever leave you. We are quite lucky in Australia that a situation like that has yet to ever really occur.

  5. I was very close to the scene of one of the sniper shootings as it happened and I’ll never forget that night. Dozens of police cars speeding frantically to the scene and it took me hours to get home. We even missed a few days of school because the sniper had threatened to shoot up a school bus. I remember people would run in a zig-zag pattern while pumping gas in their cars to avoid getting shot. Craziness is an understatement! I need to check out this movie for sure!

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