Film Review – The Turning (2013)

The Turning - post

Title – The Turning (2013)

Director – Various

Cast – Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Rose Byrne, Richard Roxburgh

Plot – The Turning collates a collection of 18 short stories written by Tim Winton into one big tale of life and the cycle in which we humans live.

“The past is in us, and not behind us. Things are never over”

Review by Eddie on 28/03/2014

Over-long, overwrought and overly depressing, The Turning is another example of an Australian film or in this particular case 18 mini-films existing for seemingly the sole reason to showcase just how sad and miserable us Aussie’s can be, and how life here is obviously just far too tough. With much talent and much promise behind this project it is therefore sad to admit that this 3 hour wannabe opus developed by Balibo director Robert Connolly is just such a miserable and tough watch.

Based upon a collection of author Tim Winton’s short stories, The Turning’s ties that bind and all participants are alive and going through the motions, motions that rarely, if ever, detour from a sole hurting ambiance of depression that tinges the entire film with such a sour taste it’s hard to see why it exists other than to try and be realistic and haunting, but what we end up with is a film that could act as some form of torture for those asked to sit down with it for 3 hours. This raggedly assembled collages of pain go from trailer trash domestic abuse cases, a man called “Bonar”, cops caught up in corruption and creepy ginger kids who like to play with loaded rifles. These mini-episodes of grief and depravity are all so short and uninvolving that you forget that not only in front of the camera is their talent but behind it also.

Featuring a varied collection of some of Australia’s favourite and best actors including Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Rose Byrne and Richard Roxburgh; the film promises to be a fine showcase to strut the acting ability of our nation but in the end product it would be suffice to say that only Rose Byrne and Hugo Weaving make any sort of go at material that must of been hard to work with. behind the camera also we have many fine Australian based directors in Justin Kurzel, Warwick Thornton and Tony Ayres along with actors David Wenham and Mia Wasikowska trying their hands at developing some nice little tales of hard lives. Many of the pieces are fine looking and feature a well constructed score but its hard to recommend this on them alone.

The Turning is a missed opportunity that offered a gathering together some of the finest film centric people Australia has to offer but thanks to a disjointed feel to the material, a reliance of being emotional rather than entertaining and a bunch of truly unneeded episodes the film is just a complete train wreck that at 3 hours is a particular journey you don’t need to, or should not want to take. All on screen and behind screen have done better and will do better in the future making The Turning a film you can avoid without a second doubt.

1 and a half depressing life snapshots out of 5

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  2. I’d never heard of this film before, good review.
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