Film Review – Blood (2012)

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Title – Blood (2012)

Director – Nick Murphy (The Awakening)

Cast – Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham, Mark Strong, Brian Cox

Plot – A crime thriller centring about the Fairburn brothers Joe (Bettany) and Chrissie (Graham) who are both policeman. Their relationship will be tested when they must cover up the tracks of a crime they have committed together which is being investigated by their unit.

“I love her! For real”

Review by Eddie on 1/04/2014

For a film with such quality actors and a name brand director in the form of Sam Mendes as producer, it’s hard to gage just why Blood was released with such little fanfare; but then again, upon watching of the film it’s hard to promote it as a must see when in reality it’s a film that whilst having good central performances is just too generic to fully buy into.

Adapted from the British mini-series titled Conviction, Blood has a plot that is all too familiar for anyone who has but a passing interest in the family/crime genre of movies. In the role of brothers and cops the film has its strongest points with Paul Bettany in a rare leading role and Stephan Graham in another top supporting turn doing well with their respective characters Joe and Chrissie. It’s always good to see Bettany on screen and for an actor that chooses a wide range of shoddy roles it’s a welcome return here to see him display a range of emotions. Stephan Graham in my opinion one of the most talented and watchable actors working today with his work on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and roles in feature films such as This is England showcasing his startling talents and again here comes away with the films best moments in a film that needed more of them.

One of Blood’s major problems is in its setting up of the story and subsequent lack of feelings after it due to a rushed and frankly over the top scenario that would of worked better if the film spent more time establishing the bond between the brothers, their iffy relationship with fellow cop Robert (thank goodness Strong is not a bad guy!) and the trials they are experiencing with their ex-cop dad Lenny (Cox). It all plays along nicely enough but you never get the sense your witnessing anything feature film worthy thanks to Murphy’s bland direction and dull set ups.

If you’re a fan of Bettany and Graham Blood is a film worthy of your time to see the fine actors ply their trade side by side, but for anyone else Blood is nothing more than a sadly predictable and safe movie that really should have been a lot more memorable.

2 and a half bacon sandwiches out of 5

6 responses to “Film Review – Blood (2012)

    • There great actors Bill, Graham really is one of my favourites working today with the right role I am thinking he could have some great success on a large scale. This flick really could of been something if done right, still watchable though.

  1. Glad to hear Stephan Graham is on fine form here. I’m interested to see where his character goes in the final series of Boardwalk Empire – I’ve a feeling we might get to see some if his best work. Great review.

    • Shamed here mate, I feel very much the same thoughts for his role in the final series of This Is England, Combo has just been such a great role for him.

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