Get to Know J & E: 15 Questions with Eddie

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Eddie and one of his Hawaiian friends – at least he doesn’t lie!

By Jordan and Eddie on 4/04/2014

We’ve been running this blog for coming up on 12 months now and it seems about right to let our readers out there know just a little bit more about us two Australian film-goers.

In the first of 2 installments, Eddie has been tasked below to answer 15 questions written by his co-blogger Jordan and hopefully it offers up a little insight into who we are no matter how trivial or silly the questions.

Enjoy the read and happy watching!

Savage Sam

Absolute pure quality this is, must of about worn out the VHS tape of this it was watched that many times

1. Your favourite childhood movie?

Tough one this but I would have to go with both Savage Sam (I had a very strong love of Westerns from a young age) and The Goonies. Watership Down is not far behind either!

2. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would love to live in America, the raft of options and different cultures there is quite amazing and from visits to Hawaii and Seattle on the mainland it seemed liked my type of place eg; unhealthy food and cheap movies.

3. Your favourite book?

Without a doubt Cormac McCarthy’s frightening western Blood Meridian. It is a dream of mine in a movie sense to see these turned into a movie, with such descriptive language and deep text it could be an all-time classic with the right people involved.

4. If you could perform a duet live on stage with any singer, who would it be?

It would have to be Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, purely based on their singing attributes.

5. Your favourite director?

I must say to not holding many directors above each other but I have always thoroughly enjoyed the works of Steven Spielberg and believe David Fincher to be an always top quality filmmaker.

Woody Allen

Seriously just no!

6. Least favourite director?

Would be one of either Mike Leigh or Woody Allen, as controversial as that may seem the consistent overrated hype surrounding these movie makers is almost unbearable.

7. TV show you’d most like to be a character in?

If we are aiming at comedy/sitcom I would have to say Seinfeld anything drama driven would be a toss-up between The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.

8. Pet of choice?

Is there any other pet than a cat? If felines were unavailable a Pug would do just fine.

9. What is “pasting” and why do you love it?

Paste – that feeling all gamers get after the completion of a big gaming session eg sore red eyes, cramped fingers, an internal feeling that too much sugar was had and that “clag” like feeling of generally a lack of sun.

Doesn’t sound like something to love but the gamer in all of us can associate with the great medium that is gaming and the ability for it to provide not only fun but worlds we can enjoy alone and with others.

10. Your prized film-related possession?

Wanting to expand in this area I would say one of the original run Django Unchained action figures that were subsequently banned after negative public feedback.


Too offensive for sale? Perhaps, but I am happy to have one

11. Mustache or no mustache?

Bar November, no mustache all the way!

12. Your favourite film critic?

I’ve always really enjoyed Australian film critic Michael Adams who use to write frequently for Empire magazine. Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton are always great value to.

13. Your least favourite movie?

The Resident Evil series would be right up there but as a singular movie it would have to be Berberian Sound Studio. This is a feeling that changes from time to time though with new movies always out there trying to offend my sensibilities.

14. Your favourite quote?

“Get busy living or get busy dying”

15. Alright the big question – how many DVDS/Blu Rays would you say you have in your collection?

Without an exact count I would be suffice to say around 400 – 500? My time spent working in video stores certainly helped stock up my collection but it’s not a patch on Jordan’s!

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Eddie and his beautiful wife Amy who were married in 2013

34 responses to “Get to Know J & E: 15 Questions with Eddie

  1. An interesting Q&A. I’m sure everyone has a different answer to such questions. My favorite director is Paul Verhoeven, but I like Brian De Palma at his best (when that occurs), and, though I haven’t seen “The Wrestler” or “Noah,” I do very much like Darren Aronofsky’s direction of other films. My favorite book, I suppose, is still “Jacques le fataliste.” I’m currently reading “Altered States” (in French translation) by Paddy Chayefsky, and am quite impressed by it. I enjoy your reviews.

    • Cindy how could you not like pugs ha I think you and my wife would very much agree on that one. We love hearing from you and glad we can share a little more info about us with our readers that we’ve really got to know over the last couple of months.

      • My daughter LOVES pugs and she threatens to get one every day. I tell her I won’t visit her if she does 😉
        I have a German Shepherd who barks like a real dog should. Once I lived in a neighborhood with 30 cats howling and mating on a daily basis–since then I’m turned off by cats. Don’t get me started about squirrels 😉

  2. Yes! Somebody else who gets Watership Down, as a childhood movie. I blogged about this last week. It does get mixed views. Enjoyed reading this post.

  3. Hey, I love the wife … She’s gorgeous! Thx for letting us get into the brain of Eddie … Btw, I did not know there are actually action figures from Django Unchained … That is a revelation …

  4. What a fun read. You would like to come to America…I would love to visit Australia. Maybe we can switch homes for a while 🙂 I guess I will have to pack up all my Woody Allen stuff first.

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  6. Hey mate! Always thought we were on the same (cinematographic) page: you naming “The Goonies” proves that! I agree with you on Woody Allen, but I am kind of surprised of HOW MANY also did.
    Good to know you better, and I completely agree on cats too!

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