Get to Know J & E: 15 Questions with Jordan

At the annual Day of the Dead walk in 2010

At the annual Day of the Dead walk in 2010

By Jordan and Eddie on 11/04/2014

We’ve been running this blog for coming up on 12 months now and it seems about right to let our readers out there know just a little bit more about us two Australian film-goers.

In the second of 2 installments, Jordan has been tasked below to answer 15 questions written by his co-blogger Eddie and hopefully it offers up a little insight into who we are no matter how trivial or silly the questions.

Enjoy the read and happy watching!


For Eddie’s questions and answers check in here

The eerie Elephant Graveyard...

The eerie Elephant Graveyard…

1. First movie you remember seeing at the cinemas?

The Lion King! I then saw it a couple of years ago when it was re-released in 3D and re-living the experience was fantastic. Those Hyenas in the elephant graveyard still scare me to this day.

2. You’re granted a 3 course meal of your choice what is it?

Steamed vegetables with pasta salad and a glass of Lemon Lime & Bitters followed by a medium-rare eye fillet steak with pepper sauce and a ginger beer, and sticky date pudding for desert, savoured with a double-shot latte. Not that I think about it often.

3. Movie you’ve watched more than any other?

Without a doubt: The Usual Suspects. It’s my favourite movie and has been ever since I first hired it out as a 12 year old, and I can now quote it word for word. Toy Story 2, Clerks, The Searchers and Resident Evil would round out the diverse top 5.

4. Favourite actor?

How could it not be Bruce Campbell?! He has charm and smarm in equal measure and I made it a mission of mine in college to watch every movie he’s appeared in. If I’m in the mood for drama though, it would have to be the Late, great artist Dennis Hopper, and as far as actresses go: Milla Jovovich all the way.

5. Least favourite actor?

Christian (if I dramatically lose weight or speak like I have a sore throat maybe people will notice me) Bale.

With 2 sporting legends, including Matthew Richardson on the right. Go Tiges

With 2 sporting legends, including Matthew Richardson on the right. Go Tiges

6. Your sport of choice?

There is no question that the greatest sport on earth is AFL (Australian Football League), and that despite recent history the Richmond Tigers are the strongest, boldest and most traditional club.  I’m also partial to a bit of Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf… maybe it’s a Tassie thing.

7. Your favourite TV show?

Seinfeld still reigns supreme, but in the last couple of years I’ve managed to embrace nostalgia and  plough through all aired episodes of the great pirate adventure One Piece (628 with still no end in sight) which boasts a sense of escapism and adventure that dwarfs the competition.

4 characters to brighten any day

4 characters to brighten any day

8. Dream job?

A clichéd suspense novelist; living in a large cabin nestled by a secluded lake and writing out of love for the medium. I realise this is often the setting for horror films, but I think that would only add to the urgency in my stories.

9. Coffee, addicted or not?

I average around 5 or 6 a day, plus the occasional V, but addicted is a pretty strong word…

10. Board game of choice?

The At the Movies board game got a good workout until people would refuse to play with me once I’d memorised all the answers, so now it’s the strategic game of trading and settlement, Catan.

Resident Evil 4. The greatest video game of all.

Resident Evil 4. The greatest video game of all.

11. All-time favourite video game?

Resident Evil 4. I also believe it to be the best game ever made from a purely technical perspective and anyone who knows me knows my affiliation towards this franchise. As far as multiplayer games go it would be a tie between the Super Smash Bros. titles (playing as the ever-underrated Ness) and Time Splitters: Future Perfect, and the sense of adventure with a dark hue that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess offers ensures it’s my favourite of that beloved franchise and in my top games also.

12. Your ideal holiday?

I’ve never been there, but for the melding of cultures and iconic buildings and locations I’d love to spend a month in New York. As far as places in Tassie go though, It’s hard to go past the picturesque Cradle Mountain.

13. Which director has affected you more than any other?

Stanley Kubrick. He created a classic in every genre he tackled and opened my eyes to the power that can lie within a perfectly constructed frame.

14. Pizza of choice?

Large BBQ meatlovers with stuffed crust… or hot dog crust if available.

15. Alright the big question – how many DVDS/Blu Rays would you say you have in your collection?

As counted on the 9th of April… 960. I need to stop collecting books now and grab the next 40 I want ASAP!

One great day on the Hobart Wharf in 2010...

One great day on the Hobart Wharf… I like to think I assisted in getting Resident Evil: Retribution off the ground.

51 responses to “Get to Know J & E: 15 Questions with Jordan

  1. The Usual Suspects!!!!! YES! This has inspired me to do one similar……hmmmmm Agree on the Bale thing for sure…my fave is Kevin Spacey! I look forward to reading that novel someday 🙂

    • I enjoyed reading your answers! And agree that Spacey is up there with the best American actors. I’ll be sure to announce my novel on here when that dream job finally comes true!

  2. Your dream job was a movie. Remember Johnny Depp in ‘Secret Window’ from 2003? He kills his wife and buries her as fertilizer for the best crop of corn on the cob?

  3. Yes – Cradle Mountain is beautiful. As a stupid American tourist, we were at/near Cradle Mountain, stopped along the roadside, and fed some kangaroo. It occurred to us later that if the kangaroo wanted, they could’ve kicked the shit out of us – luckily, they were just tame enough. Agree on the dream job. Except, with a wife and kids now, it has turned into a secluded room in the house (also – I’d be writing horror). And how can you not love Bruce Campbell? Great choice there as well.

    • Glad you agree with so many answers Keith, and that you survived that Kangaroo encounter! In Tas they are a bit more gentle…
      Let’s hope we both get that quiet room/house opportunity.

      • Yes – I’m working on my room. Have the record player set up. Now, I need to make room for the desk and tv.
        Good luck on getting your secluded area.

  4. Hey Jordan, nice to know you a little better! I completely agree on “The usual suspects”; considering you are a huge horror fan I understand Bruce Campbell… but Christian Bale worse than Nicholas Cage?? ‘cmon, this is impossible!

    • Haha Cage’s great performances somehow outweigh his embarrassing ones in my eyes; Wild at Heart, Leaving Las Vegas, Bad Lieutenant… glad you enjoyed the article.

  5. Hey Jordan! 🙂 Your dream job sounds really amazing. It is the setting of horror films indeed, but there is no greater inspiration than being in a secluded cabin by a lake. Oh, and 960 DVDs??? That’s really impressive! 🙂 They are not all horror films, right!?!

    • Hey Maria! I am thinking a nice cabin though ha, the sort that probably doesn’t exist. I think a typewriter would be the way to go as well.
      Hm, think about 500 were horror… and it does make it easier when you have about 5 different editions of Night of the Living Dead etc ha.

  6. Quite a diverse top five indeed. Bruce Campbell?!!! Gutsy, I’ll give you that. Have you watched The Walking Dead, Bates Motel or House of Cards? All fantastic shows. 5 or 6 is addicted. I don’t even down that many Brisk ice teas a day and I’m pretty addicted to those. Ness?!!! Are you kidding me?!!! Michelle Rodriguez? Did she die in the book she’s holding too? Literally dies in everything. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Jordan,
    It’s fun getting to learn more about you. Seinfeld is not something I would have expected 🙂 I lived in NYC for a couple of years and it is a terrific city. Now I just go back to visit. There is so much to see and do there. Unusual Suspects is a great choice, but poor Christian Bale. I definitely like him more than you, although I like him better thin than fat 🙂

    • Hey Joan, happy to hear that. Watching Seinfeld from start to finish is something I think anyone interested in film or TV needs to do, just such a constantly funny, endearing and influential show, and I’m glad to hear NYC is as good as I’d hoped!
      Ha, actually that’s a good point… if Bale is as good as he thinks he his, I think its only fitting that he puts on the equivalent weight he seems so keen to always shed for a future role. Although chances are I still wouldn’t rate him…

  8. Thank you for liking one of my posts & following 🙂
    P.S. I’ve sort of experienced your dream job for 2 months (cabin + lake) but I read instead!

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    • You have good taste! I kind of accidently discovered this I guess but that ensured that it is the film that has had the most profound impact on me. I like your blog by the way!
      Cheers, Jordan

      • Just treat it as something that had to happen to make you fall in love with film 🙂 thank you so much! I’ve only just started and trying my best to build it up so I really appreciate it!

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