Film Review – Enough Said (2013)

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Title: Enough Said (2013)

Director: Nicole Holofcener (Friends With Money)

Cast: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, Toni Collette

Plot: Divorced middle aged masseuse Eva (Dreyfus) is having a hard time facing the prospect of being alone once her teenage girl goes off to college so Eva begins a relationship with equally hard pressed Albert (Gandolfini). Things however get more complicated when Eva realises Albert is the ex-husband of her new friend Marianne (Keener).

“I’m tired of being funny”

Review by Eddie on 30/04/2014

It was a bittersweet feeling watching this 2013 drama/comedy due to the fact it features one of James Gandolfini’s last roles but upon conclusion of the movie you feel it is also a fine tribute to the great actor in what was a finely written and different role for a man that was usually typecast into some type of tough guy/mobster role. It also helps that the movie surrounding the larger than life figure is also easy to love and warm to as well.

Director Nicole Holofcener imbues her film with a warm and realistic charm that makes you feel compassion for almost all of the characters in the piece. Dreyfus who we all know is a fine comedic actress thanks to a little TV show called Seinfeld is a joy as the loveable and sweet Eva, a lady we are never not on side with even when she makes some questionable judgement calls, but Eva would be nothing without the backing up of the charming and sweet Gandolfini (not words you usually associate with the Soprano) as Albert.

Albert is an everyman that seems grounded in reality and the film works with him and Eva being so relatable. Dreyfus and Gandolfini share a fine chemistry that on paper would sound just plain strange. It’s a credit to the filmmaker behind the project that it works so well and a credit to the acting ensemble as a whole that this drenched in humor and pathos script is funny, realistic and sad in equal measure. Dealing with heavy issues in movies like this is fraught with the danger of being too comedic or to glum and Enough Said walks that line as good as any similar flicks did last year.

An easy to like and breezy movie Enough Said is a lovely way to spend an hour and a half and despite not being overly memorable, it’s a fine way to witness for what could be your last time the genius that was Gandolfini the actor and a reminder the Dreyfus is one of the best comedic actresses in the business.

3 and a half guacamole dips out of 5

16 responses to “Film Review – Enough Said (2013)

  1. I liked it too although, as you said, it isn’t overly memorable. The relationships featured in the movie seem more realistic than those portrayed in most Hollywood movies. Nice review!

  2. Good review Eddie. Such a little pleasant movie that made me so happy and hopeful. Yet, the dark reality of it all is that Gandolfini’s gone from our lives, as well as our screens. What a talent that’ll truly be missed.

  3. Top review Eddie! I agree this is a great tribute to Gandolfini and shows he had a wide range. I wish we could have seen more of his talents in films like this – it’s a great shame. This is one I will definitely re-watch with its excellent casting and honest script. The mood of the whole film is perfect.

  4. Completely agree with your review. I was a bit skeptical for the film, because for some reason I felt it would be boring. But it so wasn’t. Very well acted, and smartly written. 🙂

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