Film Review – Breathe In (2013)

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Title: Breathe In (2013)

Director: Drake Doremus (Like Crazy)

Cast: Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan, Mackenzie Davis

Plot: When British exchange student Sophie (Jones) arrives at the home of married couple Keith and Megan Reynolds (Pearce and Ryan) to stay the semester a raft of emotions and feelings are unearthed that involve the whole family including the Reynolds only daughter Lauren (Davis).

“Maybe boundaries are there for a reason…structure”

Review by Eddie on 7/05/2014

With his fantastic break out flick of from 2011, Like Crazy it was hoped that Drake Doremus would continue on with the talent he showed in that touching and realistic cross the ocean romance and go forward in making mature, quality made films. With that in mind it makes me happy to report that with Breathe In Doremus has indeed acted upon that stepping stone and has here created a really superb little tale about love, desire and longing that features four top notch performances from a varyingly experienced cast.

As was the case with Like Crazy this tale centres around a seemingly doomed romance that in the wrong hands could of become nothing more than a seriously creepy and unbelievable forbidden love story that would of been mighty hard to fall into from a viewing perspective. It’s a real testament to Doremus and his writing partner Ben York Jones that this never takes effect and what does happen is a believable and realistic love story that is very far from a fairy-tale yet equally far away from feeling wrong when it really should be. Motivation for characters to go down paths they do consistently feels warranted with everyone from Pearce’s longing for the old days Keith, Jone’s mourning and wandering soul Sophie through to Adam’s loving Megan and Davis’s learning Lauren all natural characters that go through an arc which allows emotional investment a chance for these quality actors to ply there trade on material that matches their talent.

Reuniting with actress Jones after there joint successful breakthrough, Doremus again extracts a great turn from Jones who despite being far to old to be an 18 year exudes mystic and charm as the talented and wise beyond her years Sophie while it’s a real joy to see Pearce given a role that showcases his often misused talents and it’s hopefully a sign of things to come with his upcoming turn in the fantastic looking Australian movie The Rover. Ryan as always is good but particular mention needs to be made of young actress Mackenzie Davis who not only holds her own with this experienced cast but has moments that outshine all of them and it looks to be that she is a talent to watch. Other elements of the film are top notch from a really touching score through to Doremus eye for a camera shot Breathe In is quality at almost every turn it takes.

An at times sweet, sad and poignant love story Breathe In is another fine slice of life and love from Doremus and fans of any of these actors would be well advised to track this unfortunately low key release down to enjoy them on top form. A movie that should of been hard to warm to is here an effecting and non-manipulative tale in the hands of an upcoming director that looks set to be one of the best in the business in years to come.

4 memory filled tapes out of 5

12 responses to “Film Review – Breathe In (2013)

  1. Great review Eddie, I have to say this did less for me than it did for you but I can’t deny the cast’s contributions. Everyone was terrific. I actually don’t specifically remember what turned me off now hahah. I think perhaps it was a lack of actual “developments” occurring and the fact thta the ultimate results were pretty predictable. But, I did like the atmosphere and the performances. Also, the editing of the family portrait was pretty brilliant

    • Cheers for the thoughts man – stoked you appreciated the actors in the piece, I always love seeing Pearce in a decent role he seems to be one of those actors that gets average roles more often than not and Jones is a real talent to watch.

  2. Good review Eddie. The story itself needed more tension and emotion thrown into the mix, but where Dormeus sort of fails, the cast takes over. Especially Jones who, despite being over 30, fits really well into the role of a young, excited-for-life, and yet, still mature 18-year-old.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this for two reasons – Amy Ryan and the score by the fantastic Dustin O’Halloran. Glad to hear it’s worth a watch…

  4. Great review Eddie. The film really surprised me and was one of my favourites of last year. The cast is fantastic, especially Mackenzie Davis, and Pearce, who constantly makes you question what you would do if you were in his position. Good to see it getting some love.

    • Awesome Brody it’s really a film that slipped under many radars but is deserving of a little more love for sure. Very impressed with Davis I will be watching her with anticipation.

    • Hya Adam

      If you got into Like Crazy mate you will instantly recognise the similar tone and overall aesthetic of this flick. A really nicely constructed drama.

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