Film Review – Bad Neighbours (2014)

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Title – Bad Neighbours (2014)

Director – Nicholas Stoller (Get Him to the Greek)

Cast – Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Lisa Kudrow

Plot – Mac and Kelly Radner’s (Rogen and Byrne) family life is disturbed when they get into a battle of wits and ever increasing pranks with next door neighbors and college fraternity led by Teddy Sanders (Efron) and Pete (Franco).

“Just wanted to say welcome to the hood……and also if you could maybe keep it down?”

Review by Eddie on 9/05/2014

You’ve certainly got to hand it to Sir Seth Rogen and his ever willing and expanding group of cronies who have made quite a successful habit of turning one-note films into entertaining, critically accepted and normally financially successful comedies that play to the low brow and proudly so, and with Bad Neighbours (or Neighbors in various other countries) there is no change to that formula. This is a film that whilst not likely to make it’s way into classic Superbad or This is the End territory is still a highly enjoyable comedy that provides a high frequency of laugh out loud moments.

Playing off from a very bare bones story of a new to parenthood couple verses a bunch of party loving college students, Get Him to the Greek helmer Nicholas Stoller keeps the story moving at a fast pace and cares very little for character development or progression instead focusing on the next gross-out moment (a milking incident springs to mind here) or scene with a shirtless Efron (surely some CGI touch-ups were applied to this mans body?). With such a consistent pace it’s hard to truly care much for these people like we did in say Knocked Up, or again Superbad, but everyone in the film has enough natural charisma to carry the plot, with Rogen again possessing some unique man-child like ability to make us like an immature late 30’s type man and Australia’s very own Rose Byrne again shows us why she has become one of our most successful Hollywood exports. It’s in the form of the college led cast that the film loses some of it’s edge.

Undoubtedly a financial win for the filmmakers, Zac Efron try’s and almost succeeds at being the arrogant and daft leader of the college crew but his Teddy is a pretty unlikeable and uninteresting player opposite other members of the frat and his partner in crime Franco doesn’t do much more that repeat his 21 Jump Street role and therefore is pretty unlikable to. With these two being different versions of arrogant 20 year olds it’s up to supporting players in the frat to take center stage and other bit players in the film to shine, and the film succeeds whenever many of the supports show up, with a large portion of the film’s funniest moments coming from these elements. McLovin himself Mintz-Plasse gets some quite “large” jokes here that work well.

Fast paced, filled with bad taste and low-common-denominator jokes (isn’t that what we audiences like these days?) and with a good cast mix, Bad Neighbours is a film that is never dull and with an equally fast paced and loud soundtrack no one will be accusing the film of having quiet moments which is how comedies should be. With enough lough out loud moments and with another successful lead comedic turn from Rogen, fans of his ever increasing man child repertoire will be in for a treat and all haters of his previous work  should stay as far away from this as possible. Bad Neighbours is forgettable comedy at it’s finest and most meaningless, and there is something quite entertaining about that.

3 and a half stolen air bags out of 5

35 responses to “Film Review – Bad Neighbours (2014)

    • That’s it mate just a good 90 minutes out at the movies and a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously in any way and revels in it’s nature.

  1. I was planning on seeing this purely for Dave Franco. Hopefully there’s a Franco/McLuvin scene somewhere in the film.

    • I reckon your in luck there Yeti – although McLovin could of been used a little more I reckon he still has some pretty laugh out loud moments.

      • No prob 🙂 I’d like to ask if you have any tips or suggestions for me writing a review. I am so new with the blogging and writing reviews. But I love it. Keep up the great work Eddie

      • We’re no pros mate but I always suggest to people that if they can really ad there own personnel flavour to reviews it always makes them that much more intriguing. To read a review and understand a persons experience with it is a great thing 🙂 It’s a heap of fun writing about a medium you love so look forward to seeing you continue on in the review game man.

      • Thanks man, another thing.. how often do you guys put out a review? My goal for now is every week one review. But I have some in my draft and it starts to ache for putting it online lol. So what is a normal standard for a review and what is overkill? Thanks in advance. Lendore

      • Hey bud, with 2 of us we can aim for a post/review once a day, 5 days a week with the normally being 2 posts on a Friday. I think with a one man job anywhere between 2 – 3 a week is pretty standard as otherwise you’d have no free time!

  2. Great review Eddie, gotta say this is a big surprise though to read. The trailer looks absolutely terrible, save for one or two good-looking physical gags. I will check this out now, as I usually do like Rogen. Just think he’s been in better stuff than this, but even if that is true, apparenlty this doesn’t go down as his worst. Which is good news for me. 🙂

    • Hi Tom

      If you like the man this is def a good time for you – way better than stuff like the Guilt Trip or ekk Green Hornet. It’s as stated not overly memorable but has enough laughs to justify a cinema trip 🙂

  3. Get Him to the Greek wasn’t for me but I’m a fan of Seth Rogen’s man child humour, especially the films that he’s written and/or directed. I’m pretty sure I’ll like this one too by the sounds of it. Great review!

    • I felt the same way about Greek mate, this one is very much a Rogen led show with great support from Byrne. Looking forward to hearing if you dug it mate.

  4. “Forgettable comedy at its finest” I love that Eddie! I did enjoy this one but, aside from the air bags, I think I’ll have forgotten it by this time next year. Great review as usual!

  5. I think I might go see this. Nothing else out right now that’s good. I’ve read other reviews on the film (Neighbors? Bad Neighbors?) and it seems to make for an actual plot rather than just pure raunchiness. I’ll see

  6. I’m with the other Tom, the trailer looks awful but I’ve heard not bad things about it, so will probably check it out, without being in a hurry to!

  7. I can never really get past Seth Rogen’s voice – I just find it grating for whatever reason… It’s a shame as I’m sure his films are decent (as you have suggested).

  8. I liked your review, but how could you leave out the baby 🙂 I was just expecting more because I thought the previews were hysterical. Believe it or not, I know a delightful woman with the exact same laugh as Seth. It’s better on the screen from a distance 🙂

    • Ha that bay was fantastic – the opening scene was hilarious. I would truly love to know someone with a Rogen like laugh – it’s an all time classic.

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