The Rover – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

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The Rover – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

Compiled by Eddie on 23/05/2014

Anyone who has seen the stunning 2010 Australian film Animal Kingdom (for more on this picture read here) by director David Michod would be backing me up in saying that he is arguably the brightest directing talent from the land down under right now.

Crafting a film that was all things beautiful, scary, emotional and enthralling Michod announced himself as a talent to watch and now all these years later excitement is building for his next soon to be released project – The Rover.

One must only watch the films haunting trailer to understand why film aficionados the world over are eagerly awaiting a trip to the cinema to catch what could well be one of the films of the year and if you are yet to feel this particular pang of excitement for this thriller hopefully these below reasons can convince you otherwise.

Happy reading and happy watching – The Rover hits Australian screens on June 12th while America will follow the week after on June 20th.

 1. Its David Michod’s first feature since Animal Kingdom’s runaway success:


Michod chatting with the slightly gaunt Guy Pearce on set

Animal Kingdom was that rare Australian dramatic feature that transcended its roots in its native country and struck a chord overseas whether at Cannes or in the form of actress Jacki Weaver the Academy Awards. Behind the film’s success was David Michod, and while his endeavours following Animal Kingdom’s breakout may not have been so successful you get the feeling his been saving his best for a return behind the camera.

For more on David Michod read –

2. A rare chance to see Guy Pearce in a meaty Australian role:

Rover - 2

The Rover may offer Pearce one his most gritty roles yet, right up there with Memento and The Proposition

Guy Pearce is undoubtedly a well-respected Australian actor who amongst a fair share of successes has also had a large portion of failures. Most failures for Pearce do not however stem from a case of bad acting and a chance to see Pearce tackle a heavy hitting and hopefully meaty role in The Rover should get Australian cinema fans to the multiplexes in droves and hopefully garners the actor some well-deserved and overdue kudos.

To see Pearce’s role in the Rover check this article and clip –

3. The Australian Locale:

Rover - 3

There would of been some hot and dry days on the Rover set as seen in this above photo

Perhaps not seen on this large a scale since the original Mad Max it seems as though the Australian outback will play a pivotal part in the proceedings of The Rover. A harsh and unforgiving landscape the locale’s will also act as a whole different dimension to the picture and give the film a vibe that can’t be created with CGI trickery.

For more on the locations used in the Rover read –

4. Robert Pattinson might prove to all that he can in fact act:

Rover - 4

Pattinson – finally laying to rest those critics who doubted he could in fact act?

Much maligned due to his association with a particular sparkly franchise, Rob Pattinson has in times past shown good skills in films such as Water for Elephants and Cosmopolis but still lacks some respect from the film world. The Rover looks to turn all this around with a character that should allow him to once and for all shun the unfair stigma heaped upon him.

For more on Pattinson in the film read –

5: The Cannes reviews:

The Rover

The Rover, cast and supporters at the Cannes premiere recently

You can’t argue with reviews. While some reviewers have slight issues from the film the overall consensus straight from Cannes is that this film is a unique and haunting journey to a dystopian future featuring some top notch acting turns and acts as further proof that Michod is a star director.

For critics thoughts on the film read –

How do you feel about The Rover? Will you be checking it out or are you not yet convinced? Let us know in the comments below!



30 responses to “The Rover – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

  1. Robert Pattinson definitely deserves more respect. I think it probably hit him during the making of the last Twilight film: “Oh shit! What have I done? Look at the pain I’ve inflicted! How will I undo the damage caused by these shitty vampire movies?”

    And the dude definitely made a great choice aligning himself with Cronenberg. I never got around to seeing Cosmopolis, but his latest one with R-Patz looks like another crazy-ass Cronenberg movie! Can’t wait!

    • Map of the Stars does look seriously crazy in all the right ways, I do hope he can once and for all leave the stigma behind of Twilight as he seems to make some interesting movie choices.

  2. Looking forward to this one. I have faith in Guy Pearce as a talented actor but he has taken a few too many dodgy roles – I’m looking at you Lockout! Looking forward to seeing what he does here though.

      • I think Australia may be passing South Korea as my favorite foreign cinema. Besides Michod, your country has a badass reputation going right now. The Loved Ones, Martyrs, Snowtown, WAKE IN FUCKING FRIGHT. I saw that shit the other day. I snoozed on writing about it but I may have to. Those poor roos. I can’t wait for the Rover.

      • Man they are some rippers right there, you seen Chopper that’s another full blown classic. There are certainly some hidden gems amongst the lesser films.

  3. I have just got back from Cannes and there was so much positive vibes for The Rover. kylie joined Robert and Guy on Le Grand Journal and at the premiere there was a standing ovation. Robert especially was in demand. I saw Maps to the stars (cronenberg) and he was very good in a small ensemble role. From the reviews and trailer The Rover is going to be great and Robs performance should finally nail all the stupid negative critics that keep banging on about Twilight. So happy for David Michod and Guy, a very successful start so far

  4. I can’t wait to see this movie. Judging by the trailer we’re in for a real treat. I really enjoyed Animal Kingdom and am looking forward to see what Michod comes up with this time. Robert has made some very sound movie choices since Twilight (he was amazing in Cosmopolis) and from the reviews and reception his performance in this one received in Cannes I’m hoping he can silence his critics ad further demonstrate that he’s so much more than a sparkly vampire. The only downside is I have to wait until August to watch it as I’m in the UK 😦

    • Pattinson is excellent in THE ROVER – a feat of physical acting with the occasional comic relief (it’s bizarre enough to have a Kerri Hilson song show up in the film, and funnier still to hear Pattinson’s character singing along). He was also great in Maps to the Stars in a totally different role.

      • That is fantastic to hear! Can’t wait for a couple of weeks time to catch The Rover here in Aus and I know Jordan would be eagerly awaiting Map to the Stars which does seem more and more awesome as time goes on.

  5. Finally decided to check out this film’s trailer, and I’m interested. Unfortunately, I’m back in a middle-of-nowhere-ville type small town for the summer and I’ll have to drive at least two hours to Indianapolis to see it. Oh well, I’ve done that before for limited release films. I actually want to see a full movie with Guy Pearce using his real Australian accent —- I’m so used thinking of him as Lenny(!) from ‘Momento’ among other roles 😀

    Also, finally added ‘Animal Kingdom’ to my Netflix que. Looks like I’ll be Aussie-ing it up in here…

    • Fantastic to hear Celtic! Kingdom is just ripping stuff while sadly I am in a similar position to you with the Rover it is playing closest to me – 4 hours away! So time constraints may bar me from seeing it sadly but our friend Jordan should be able to check it out and post his take within the week as it is playing in his neck of the woods.

  6. Only just found this film and I’m getting more and more excited the more I find out about it. Think Guy Pearce is an under-appreciated acting gem. Looking forward to it!

  7. And I was excited waiting for “The Rover”! Only after the first teaser aired on YouTube I knew it will be something astonishing. Really looking forward to watch some new stuff from Michod.

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