Press Release: ISA launches unique course for emerging film producers

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ISA launches unique course for emerging film producers

Jordan and Eddie are happy to promote to our Australian based readers and film fans a chance to act on those film-making dreams! Below in both the written form and an attachment you will find information on International Screen Academy’s new course for budding movie making stars.

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Commencing in July, ISA is offering its newest course, the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUF60107). The course has been designed for emerging producers who are ready to face the challenge of creating the screen content that future audiences will demand. Screen producers need story and business skills that work across film, television, the web, transmedia or games, and ISA is focussed on developing those skills in talented people.

“Most of all, we need people with ideas, passion and imagination, and who are ready to create their own future”, says Stephen Murphy, ISA’s Head of Film. “If that is you, then we can teach you how to turn your project ideas into engaging and entertaining stories that audiences really want”. To do this, ISA has developed a course that is highly practical. “Students will be filmmakers from day one. In each of the four semesters of the course, you will be guided to take your own ideas from concept to a marketable, finished production, working in our studios, with budgets, equipment and resources supplied by ISA”.

The screen producing course has strong links to ISA’s established Advanced Diploma of Acting for Contemporary Screen Media (91518NSW). Producing students and acting students will work together on key projects in a culture of mutual respect and collaborative learning. “Film schools are well recognised for creating the networks and relationships that lead to lifelong partnerships. Our acting and producing students will have a unique career-driving benefit from the very start of their time at ISA”, says Murphy.

“It’s not up to us to dictate what the future of storytelling will look like. Our job is to prepare people to recognise and to grasp the new creative opportunities that will come their way.”


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