Celebrating a year of Jordan and Eddie! Hear from the Movie Guys

Maybe not one of our finer moments

Maybe not one of our finer moments

Like any anniversary it feels apt to celebrate with the WordPress community the official 1 year mark of Jordan and Eddie: The Movie Guys which by Australian time is today. Both Jordan and Eddie started the blog as a bit of fun and really a sharing tool between mates but the blog has proven to be a lot more wide covering than that with a highlight really being the comments and debates they have both had with film fans the world over. Marking the occasion the Movie Guys felt fit to share just some overarching thoughts on the blog and also a few more movie related Q and A’s that once more hopefully offer an insight into their love for the movie medium. As always happy reading and happy watching!

Thoughts from the Movie Guys

Eddie: It’s been a real joy running this blog with co-blogger and long time mate Jordan and what makes it so fun is hearing from all the readers the world over and in turn opening up my mind to films in new ways. Writing about films and all things related to it becomes quite easy when you have such insightful and often fun feedback from readers. The blog has really become bigger than I could ever have expected and while we by no means attest to be professionals it gives me and I am sure Jordan some great pleasure in seeing people respond well to our various musings whether they agree or disagree. To all regular readers out there I’d like to send out a hearty thank you for making this little side venture such a blast!

Jordan: Well, what started as a method of sharing our reviews and storing them for reference has since turned into a fantastically fun hobby made all the more rewarding thanks to our wonderful regular readers and followers. To all who have read our reviews, articles and features and either enthusiastically agreed or vocally disagreed, thank-you very much for giving us the motivation to keep this little blog ticking for 12 months!

E - post

Eddie’s Quick-fire Movie Q and A

Best cinema experience?

By far catching The Dark Knight on opening release day during a day time session. I may have skipped out on some education that day but missing school never felt so right. Just a great audience and a great movie that shook up the Blockbuster/Comic Book genre.

Favourite actor working today?

I really appreciate the work both Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender are producing, such powerful presences on screen and both inhabit their roles with a great relish.

First movie you remember seeing?

The movie that sticks out foremost in my memory would be The Lion King closely followed by The Goonies. I am sure there were others beforehand but both these movies to this day still provide fond memories.

A favourite classic movie scene?

Would be a toss-up between the tracking shot in Children of Men and the finale of Shawshank Redemption.

Guilty pleasure favourite?

The 2008 comedy Hot Rod sits proudly at number one here followed by the original Ace Ventura.

hot rod 2007

Everyone has a guilty pleasure… this is Ed’s

Last movie you turned off/feel asleep in?

I can’t really remember actually turning off a movie in quite some time but a nap was more than likely had in Iron Man 3.

Movie I would of loved to star in?

If we are talking an all-time classic I couldn’t look past the Godfather and Scarface but more recently a movie in the ilk of Pulp Fiction or The Big Lebowski.

If I was a movie action hero who would I be?

The Governator by far! Being in the Terminator getting to look cool whilst spouting one liners is a nice way to earn a pay check and seemingly a sure fire way into public office.

Last movie I shed a tear in/eyes were watering?

Well I am well known for getting teary eyed in the Notebook (but a cinema full of old crying people can be offered up as explanation here ok) other than that in more recent times I think Tarsem Singh’s the Fall which I recently saw for the first time had some emotional impact on me.

Movie I am ashamed to own?

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

jordan coffee

Jordan’s Quick-fire Movie Q and A

Best cinema experience?

Being at the front of a long, long line to see Watchmen on opening night alongside a dressed up Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach was fantastic, and then the best thing imaginable happened: the movie was even better than I could’ve possibly hoped for!

Favourite actor working today?

Working today? Damn. Still has to be Bruce Campbell for his sleezy charisma and Milla Jovovich for giving every role her all and playing one of the greatest action heroines of all time.

First movie you remember seeing?

As with Eddie, The Lion King is an early memory… not quite as early as seeing John Wayne search for his kidnapped niece in The Searchers though.

A favourite classic movie scene?

Ethan Edwards framed in the doorway at the end of The Searchers, or the police lineup in The Usual Suspects.

Guilty pleasure favourite?

Just a little video-game inspired franchise by the name of Resident Evil. Horror, action, zombies, Milla Jovovich and throwbacks to some of the greatest games of all time… yes please.


How could anyone not love this franchise?

Last movie you turned off/feel asleep in?

I usually always see a movie out in spite of its quality, but very much struggled in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The only things amazing about that movie were how little it caused me to care and how pointless and uninspired it was.

Movie I would of loved to star in?

Clerks! Working at the Quick Stop and RST video with Dante and Randall and chilling with Jay & Silent Bob, then popping up throughout Smith’s corresponding View Askewniverse films. Also, being the fourth member of the Three Amigos! alongside Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short would be a dream come true…

If I was a movie action hero who would I be?

Ash! It’d be a familiar role at first playing a bit of a coward who survives the night through sheer luck, and then the awesomeness begins when the chainsaw is donned, shotgun wielded and one-liners spouted.

Last movie I shed a tear in/eyes were watering?

The document of pure evil and the good people who suffer at it’s hand that is Dear Zachary: A Letter to a son about his father.

Movie I am ashamed to own?

Cop Out…

48 responses to “Celebrating a year of Jordan and Eddie! Hear from the Movie Guys

    • Cheers Brendan! Year truly has flown by, loving the 2014 in movies as well been a lot of great titles already and think there is only more to come. One of the better years for quite some time.

  1. Huzzah! Congratulations on a wonderful year!!!! Oh and I love The Watchmen too. Thanks for remind me that I need to review it. 🙂

    • Thanks!! Been great keeping in touch with other sites and reviewers such as yourself. Watchmen is just so good!! cannot understand why it received even one negative review. Look forward to reading yours!

  2. Dear Zachary. I cried buckets of tears. My face was a complete wreck after that movie – you know when you cry so much that your face still looks shit even after two hours?

    Such a devastating movie.

  3. Tim the Film Guy celebrated his one year earlier in May, then me, and now you guys! Gosh, time is flying. Congratulations, wish you guys the best. Still enjoy reading your reviews and q&a’s.

  4. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary. Didn’t realize you both had a fledgling blog. You both seem like established pros. Must be a testament to your talents 🙂

    Looking forward to the next review!

    • Why thanks man! I reckon you are one of our first readers so been great having you along for the ride and hopefully you’ll be able to see us grow some more as at least seemingly semi-professional film critics 🙂

  5. Only a year? I started reading this blog not that long ago and assumed it was a few years old! That’s how good this blog is.
    I started mine last July, have hardly any visitors to speak of!

  6. Congrats guys! I always enjoy reading your blog. Jordan, I can’t believe you’d like to be in Clerks. I always joke that I am the Milk Maiden 🙂 Continued success.

  7. Happy anniversary guys! 🙂 Congrats on your amazing work this year! It’s always a pleasure reading your blog!
    Eddie no!! Ace Ventura is not a guilty pleasure!!! It makes absolute sense to love this movie! Can’t have enough of it!!haha
    And Jordan!! You can’t get the fact that you adore Shakespear in Love out of my mind..there is no way now…

    • Haha yep I secretly love it… nothing better than the Academy bestowing so many accolades on a film in which Gwyneth Paltrow passes for a guy by sticking a few strands of hair above her upper lip. Most worthy Best Picture winner of all time…… almost as good as She’s the Man.
      And thanks, we’ve loved reading your blog too!

  8. Congratulations to you both! If I could have even half of your success I would be a very lucky lady! Always a pleasure to read your blog 🙂

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