Film Review – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

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Title: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Director: Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity)

Cast: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Brendan Gleeson, Bill Paxton, Noah Taylor

Plot: In a fierce battle between humans and an alien race known as Mimics, cowardly Army officer Cage (Cruise) finds himself stuck in an endless loop of battle that upon death resets to the day before a large scale beach assault. With help from battle hardened Rita (Blunt) Cage may be able to find the answers to not only his time shift problems but the answer to the war.

 “I’m not a soldier. Of course not. You’re a weapon”

Review by Eddie on 9/06/2014

As hard as it may be for some, it’s time to leave all that Tom Cruise hate at the door and give whatever doubts you have about Edge of Tomorrow the flick. Despite it being an almost forgone conclusion that in Western markets Edge of Tomorrow will flop (with it likely making its money off the Asian market) missing out on seeing this would be a willing act of missing out on one of the most fun and well filmed blockbusters of the year and a movie that until the last hurdle consistently surprises and thrills.

Action genre specialist director Doug Liman does a fantastic job at helming this adaptation of Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel All You Need is Kill (gee I wish they kept that title), and is wonderfully supported by writing sibling duo Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth along with script touch ups from frequent Cruise collaborator Christopher McQuarrie. That Edge succeeds to the entertainment levels it achieves is due to this perfect melding of thrilling videogame like action that throws the audience head first into this futuristic scenario by Liman and the script that was produced. The film flies the line perfectly between being serious yet not taking itself too much so and I can safely say that the tone of the film produces more laughs and smart scenarios than most so called “comedy” films of late. Skeptics that worried of a Sci-Fi like Groundhog Day can rest assured knowing here that the sacred tale of a man repeating a day over and over is well handled and treated with a fresh perspective. Now while all this should be enough to convince the masses the fact the film stars Tom “Scientology” Cruise will still put people off which is a mighty shame considering the man is on as good as form as ever here as at times downright cowardly Bill Cage.

Cage is an extremely interesting character for Cruise to play, and he nails the role completely in a character that requires him to be all the things from scared, brave through to downright disinterested. In an age of frequently cookie cutter hero’s Cage is a nice change up of the formula. Cruise’s Cage is a interesting lead and it’s made all the better by Emily Blunt as we’ve never seen her before as Alien slaying master Rita. Blunt and Cruise create a very believable and dynamic duo that acts as a great pairing for the two. While all these elements combine so well, for this thoroughly enjoyable ride it would be wrong to not mention just how disappointing and lacking the films ending is. Without delving into spoiler territory Edge’s last act brings down a film that for all intents and purposes was shaping up to be a nigh on perfect Sci-Fi blockbuster, it’s a real shame the team behind the film ended up with a whimper and not a bang for the film deserved to go out in style.

Stunning special effects, an one key cast of likeable players, an unpredictable story and some thrilling set pieces litter Edge of Tomorrow making it a must see big screen experience. With a last act worthy of what came before Edge would have another star added to its total but sadly a weak finale brings down an otherwise perfectly constructed Summer blockbuster.

3 and a half re-sets out of 5


47 responses to “Film Review – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

  1. I personally really enjoyed ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and didn’t have any issues with the film’s final act. A great all-round flick for me!

  2. This film came out of nowhere for me, i want something to wash away the bad taste left by Godzilla, and this is looking more and more like the film to do so (or X Men).

    By the last act, how long do you mean?

  3. A very fun movie that reminded me how much excitement one could feel during a summer blockbuster. And to be honest, I haven’t felt that in awhile. Good review Eddie.

  4. Hi Eddie – great review, know what you mean about the last act but in fairness the fun couldn’t last once the loop was closed; then they had to provide a straightforward dramatic resolution and it was always going to be a bit disappointing in comparison (though I really enjoyed how it was done).

    • Yeh true man it would of I been a tricky flick to end in a way that pleased anyone’ I felt the finale was just a little lacking when compared to the rest of the film.

  5. I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise (though his performance in “Magnolia” was quite good) or sci-fi films, but I might have to lighten up and check this one out. Thanks for the review.

  6. Nice work. I enjoyed the film a lot but the end was the major problem for me too – oddly given the circumstances it didn’t quite have the same tension of some of the earlier scenes on the beach.

  7. EoT will live on forever on video, just too bad that too many have a bad taste for Cruise and sci-fi in general as of late. Had this come out last year instead of most of the sic-fi films, it would be a huge hit.

  8. Completely with you on the shoddy finale Eddie. Disappointing indeed, but the previous 90 minutes or so are some of the most entertaining I’ve spent at the cinema this year. Excellent review mate!


  9. I loved Edge of Tomorrow. I didn’t feel the finale was lacking at all. I don’t typically do these star rankings but I would have given it at least a 4 out of 5 on your scale. Easily one of the best of the summer thus far for me.

    • Man great to hear, it will surely be one of the best this summer no doubt maybe only bettered by Apes in its entertainment value. I just wish that I bought into the finale.

  10. SPOILERS: Okay, let’s discuss the ending then. I loved this movie, it was a lot of fun and in Rita had a great female character (my write up is on my blog of you want to have a look: The end but it’s tough to swallow. It would clearly have been great if they had saved the world and no one knew about it but they didn’t want to go with that and that’s what causes all the problems. Logically I don’t have a problem with him getting re-infected with the magic ET blood and resetting again, I don’t even have a problem with him going back two days because it was more blood this time. What is harder to make sense of is why the explosion happened in the past as well. Clearly if it hadn’t then he would have had to keep reliving it. I know it creates tension to have Cage and his team die in the final mission but it wrote them into a corner they couldn’t easily get out of. Maybe the time looping nature of the alien device meant that when it exploded it exploded backwards in time.

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