Film Review – Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

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Title – Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

Director – Anthony C. Ferrante (Sharknado)

Cast – Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, Kari Wuhrer

Plot – Really? Shark filled tornados find their way to New York! Will Sharknado conqueror Fin Shepard (Ziering) be able to save the day once more? Give him a chainsaw and find out.

“Two of my friends were killed, I almost destroyed Los Angeles…. And oh yeah, I almost got eaten by a shark. How much ‘fun’ do you think that was?”

Review by Eddie on 1/08/2014

Sharknado – if someone were to tell you that a movie with that title would’ve ever been a success you would of laughed in there face, too bad it’s actually true and lo and behold after the Syfy channels greatest ever hit came and went a sequel was commissioned, the big decision being what to call it? After much deliberation the quietly ingenious title of “The Second One” was chosen and the shark filled tornadoes were back! For bad or for much worse.

When I reviewed the first so bad it was hilarious Sharknado I came up with a simple check-list of reasons why you should watch it, and going for the same deal here I will attempt to convince you that this year’s best worst movie needs to be seen.

  • After the success of the scene in the first, expect more flying sharks being dispatched by chainsaws, this time with a super-sized chainsaw.
  • If you love z grade celebrity cameos, my goodness will you love The Second One. Such royalty that graces the screen includes Kelly Osbourne, Billy Ray Cyrus and Andy Dick. Oh the humanity!
  • Fans of Tara Reid and her horrendous plastic surgery (and equally so acting ability) will lap up her appearance here once more with highlights such as shooting sharks with a handgun while dangling out of a passenger jet one handed regularly appearing.
  • Extras. Often we forget to take notice of cinemas unsung heroes but it’s worth paying attention to the extras in The Second One for a large portion of their time will be spent running hilariously or screaming ridiculously most of the time with a bemused look/smile on their face. Watch for the laughing young girl after the baseball game.
  • If bad dialogue is something you find joy in then thank your lucky stars as Christmas and your birthday have come all at once! Following on from its illustrious father, The Second One’s dialogue is arguably even worse. Without wishing to spoil the Thunder Levin script for you to much such beauties as “This is a twister with teeth” and “I know you’re scared. I’m scared, too. They’re sharks, they’re scary” appear within. Pure gold.
  • Logic is overrated surely? That’s what the makers behind this bad boy think anyway. Surfers can pilot passenger jets, ropes can be swung off even though they have yet to be tied up and sharks can be hit for a home run at the baseball stadium despite weighing upwards over a tonne. Never has there been such casual disregard for making sense.

These few highlights of Sharknado 2: The Second One are merely touching the surface of what guilty pleasure joys lay within this over the top, amateur and carefree oddity that ups the ante this time around and threatens to appear once more on our ever strange world. A trip to Australia for our Sharknado surviving group can’t come fast enough, hopefully with a returning bad-Australian-accent-sporting cast member.

Half a Sharknado survival help book out of 5

(but seriously just like the first one you should see this movie!)

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32 responses to “Film Review – Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

  1. I was bored one day browsing for movies on Netflix and I came across Sharknado, I thought it looked absolutely ridiculous just from the poster but since I was bored I clicked play and off I was into an adventure I would never forget. I have been actually looking forward to watching this movie because of how incredibly ridiculous the first one was and even though the effects aren’t the greatest and even though the plot is completely insane it does a good job in keeping you wanting more and more. I recently heard on the radio that they are already planning on making a 3rd movie Sharkpocolypse . There is just something so attractive about a movie that looks so awful hahaha

  2. If you loved Sharknado, check out Ghost Shark, it’s as ridiculous as the title implies. The special effects are laughably terrible, even by SyFy standards, and we get some creative kills and teenage characters that are expendable, but not so obnoxious that you wish that you could jump into the TV to kill them yourself (a la Two Headed Shark Attack). It’s just as much, if not more fun than Sharknado.

      • Another great one is the Bering Sea Beast. When the monster showed up, I died laughing. It looked so fake, in CGI and puppet form. I was in hysterics for several minutes, because they looked like a cross between a sting ray and Toothless the dragon. Also, Cassandra Scerbo is in that one too.

  3. I rushed home from an event last night so I could watch live and wasn’t disappointed. It was as bad as I had hoped and more so 🙂 Since I do watch Live with Kelly and Michael, I had to laugh out loud when Gelman, their producer, bit the dust.Watching the Statue of Liberty lose her head was sad, but what a way to go! And from a female perspective, I can’t get over how good Ian Z. looks–way better than he did on 90210.

    • He might have been the only person in the cast not to be suffering from some form of horrible looking plastic surgery ha. Glad you had a blast with this one though Joan 🙂

  4. Waiting for the Fathom Events screening on August 21 in theaters. Glad to see you paying attention to the Shark films, even when they are crap. Now Jaws on the other hand…perfection.

  5. Hey Eddie! You certainly convinced me! 🙂 It sounds sooo bad, that it’s irresistible! I haven’t seen the first one though, but I really want you to tell me which one was the worst, and I’ll definitely watch that…I bet it’ll be hilarious!

    • Oh Maria ha there both so bad. I reckon a double feature of the first and second would be quite the night. Get a few mates around and the experience is only made better.

  6. I really enjoyed the first one. While stupid I thought it was very funny and self-deprecating. Unfortunately the humor wasn’t very much in existence and I was thoroughly disappointed with this movie.

  7. I am against warning labels on cigarettes (or other legalized recreational drugs) packaging for the same reason why I am against reviews for movies like Sharknado and Sharknado 2.
    Yes recreational drugs can kill you or hurt you really bad. Yes, Sharknado is a terrible movie. I do not need someone to tell me this.
    At least you ended this with “(but seriously just like the first one you should see this movie!)”.

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