Film Review – Dom Hemingway (2013)

Title: Dom Hemingway (2013)

Director: Richard Shepard (The Matador)

Cast: Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Demian Bichir, Emilia Clarke

Plot: Safe cracker and general psychopath Dom Hemingway (Law) has spent 12 years in jail for crime boss Mr. Fontaine (Bichir) and upon release with help from his old friend Dickie (Grant) is looking to collect his just rewards and catch up with his long lost daughter Evelyn (Clarke).

“He was raised in a Russian orphanage and kills people for a living. Of course he has a well stocked bar”

Review by Eddie on 18/08/2014

Opening with what can only be described as one of the worst opening monologues of all time (I wont go into details but lets say it might be worth the price of rental alone to just witness it’s cringe worthy quality’s) you get the feeling that the only way is up for Richard Shepard’s try hard crime/comedy but sadly things start low and never once peer above the low set standard which is a shame considering its leading man was obviously dedicated to the role.

Looking like we have never seen him before Jude Law is an overweight, bearded and yellow toothed hooligan who possesses not an ounce of a redeeming feature. Law is clearly relishing his time being let loose playing such a profanity spouting lout but his sheer enthusiasm to the role can not transcend the man and the tale the film tells about him to any length of entertainment and the films slight tale becomes unwelcome after a mere 30 or so minutes. Law is ably supported by renowned character actor Richard E. Grant as his left hand man Dickie but Grant also doesn’t have an overly redeeming character and if we are asked to get on board with criminals they need to transcend from there evil deeds like Guy Ritchie so successfully did and does in his crime capers but Shepard shows no flair for this genre.

With one memorable scene set on a night set country road Dom Hemingway is devoid of any true originality and seemingly thought that the fact it had such a vile central figure and such seedy dialogue it would resonate with the ever willing audience of such ventures. Dom’s plight to get money for his jail time and reconnect to his estranged family is so overly familiar also that it’s pretty clear the film is no where near as original or fresh as it feels it is. As a crime caper its virtually non-existent and as a comedy it’s seriously lacking in proper laughs therefore making the whole exercise a venture into meaninglessness.

Jude Law fans may want to endure this journey for what is arguable one of his more out there and committed performances but even Law’s ability to go to great lengths to inhabit this man is not worth the pain of 90 minutes worth of unlikable and uninteresting plot with a bunch of people who your pretty glad to say goodbye to. If your looking for similar and much better British criminal fair dust off Snatch and enjoy.

1 and a half red haired singing Daenerys out of 5

27 responses to “Film Review – Dom Hemingway (2013)

  1. Good review. Though the plot sort of felt like second-fiddle to the performances/characters, it was still a good time because Law was so amazing in this role. Because, believe it or not, the dude can actually act and make himself seem like a dirty-as-hell bastard.

  2. See, I quite enjoyed this film, but that could be put down to the fact I absolutely love psychopathic characters who are just so vile they’re interesting.
    Plus, having Emilia Clarke in a film is always a plus!

  3. I really wanted to like this movie and save for Law’s committed performance and the “safe” scene which stood out for me I was very disappointed. I love films like CHOPPER and BRONSON which hold a mirror up to criminality in a dark and sometimes humorous way but they don’t offer any redemption with these characters.

    DOM HEMINGWAY in my view makes the mistake of trying to redeem the character. Given the opening half-hour where he beats a guy to a bloody pulp and is shown to be a lunatic I just didn’t buy the whole ‘making up with his daughter’ plot.

  4. I found it pretty entertaining, empty, but entertaining. I don’t really think characters have to be likeable to worth watching, and there’s at least a hint of redemption towards the end.

      • Eddie, That doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better. My family hasn’t looked at me the same since I told them how hysterical “This is the End” was and when we were all together over Thanksgiving and rented it they never laughed once.

  5. i’d been disappointed that I’d missed it while it was in the theaters (about 5 minutes, I think), but I guess it’s just as well. I’m still intrigued enough to get it from Amazon streaming, though.

  6. I reviewed this back when it was out here in theaters..though I agree for the most part about the movie…I like Jude Laws performance more than you did I think..just so different for him and looked like he was having a blast doing it! 😀

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