Film Review – Sabotage (2014)

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Title – Sabotage (2014)

Director – David Ayer (End of Watch)

Cast – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams, Terrence Howard, Mireille Enos, Josh Holloway, Joe Manganiello, Max Martini

Plot – John “Breacher” Wharton’s (Schwarzenegger) crew of hard-core DEA agents find themselves being picked off one by one by a mysterious foe after a botched robbery attempt of Cartel money goes bad. Detective Caroline (Williams) begins her investigation into the killings and finds that not all is as it seems.

“Some of us are getting paid, the rest of us are just getting dead”

Review by Eddie on 18/09/2014

Sabotage, an apt name for a film that for all intents and purposes feels as though it’s been chopped, changed and crucified beyond saving no matter how interesting its wasted premise may be. Reportedly originally near 3 hours in length, this David Ayer directed Arnold Schwarzenegger starring action/thriller is 100 minutes of amateur hour direction and acting that will surely feature prominently at this year’s Razzie’s, no matter how many times it tries to cover up its awfulness by way of amped up violence.

Landing with a massive thud earlier this year in US cinemas (direct to DVD here in Australia) there is no doubting that Sabotage got the treatment it deserved. In saying this though it’s not like Sabotage had it coming, trailers looked good in an action type of way, Ayer has at times proven himself quite a writer/director with his script for Training Day and direction of End of Watch (my fingers, toes and all other available digits are crossed that Fury joins this list) and the cast not only features a cigar chomping Governator but recognizable actors Josh Holloway, Sam Worthington and Terrence Howard just to name a few, so how and why did it all end up so dire?

A major reason that Sabotage falls so hard is due to its story. In telling of this supposedly mysterious and tense tale of hardened DEA agents knocked off one by one in increasingly nasty ways after a botched get rich quick scheme goes wrong, Ayer fails to capitalise on any element with his team unlikeable, set ups unbelievable and pay offs no better than a direct slap in the audiences face. Ayer also makes a balls up of his action, where End of Watch was frantic and realistic or Training Day terse and heart pounding thanks to its dialogue, here in Sabotage everything feels like a Steven Segal z grade effort. Not helping the cause is the fact that all actors involved here lack any type of charisma from Arnie’s gruff leader Breacher, Mireille Enos as annoying drug addled tough girl Lizzy and Sam Worthington (sporting one of the worst movie goatees in history) as Monster, who at times strangely seems to speak in and out of an Australian accent. The cast is universally horrendous, led by the increasingly worse Worthington who needs another Avatar badly, but it’s hard to tell whether these sucky performances were due to the incredibly inept and curse word filled script or just a lack of genuine effort by the actors behalf.

Culminating in an atrocious and overbearingly bad ending and riddled with more plot holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese, Sabotage is one incredibly dull, badly acted action tinged experience that acts as another lame entry into the comeback of Schwarzenegger who must only be hoping that his falling back to the Terminator franchise can save some face in a career quickly becoming irrelevant. As for director Ayer, here’s hoping that his promising looking Fury shares nothing in common with this shoddily made and trashy jaunt.

1 Laughable line of dialogue out of 5


24 responses to “Film Review – Sabotage (2014)

  1. I still plan on watching at some point, but this appears to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I love crime films, but watching the trailers gave me a feeling of ultraviolence just for the sake of it, which isn’t a good thing imo.

  2. I was so disappointed by this. I had really high hopes for Ayer’s next after End of Watch and while I can’t help but wonder how much was down to the studio re-editing, it seems unlikely there was a good film there to begin with.

  3. Good review Eddie. Yeah, I really hated this movie. It wasn’t fun, exciting or any bit of interesting. Just felt like a total waste of everybody involved. Including myself and my time.

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