Film Review – The Bag Man (2014)

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Title – The Bag Man (2014)

Director – David Grovic (feature debut)

Cast – John Cusack, Rebecca Da Costa, Robert De Niro, Crispin Glover, Dominic Purcell, Sticky Fingaz

Plot – Hitman Jack (Cusack) is forced to hole up in a seedy backwoods motel and wait for his boss Dragna (De Niro) to arrive and take a mysterious bag off him that his been tasked to collect. Matters take a turn for the complicated when hooker Rivka (Da Costa) stows away in Jack’s motel room.

“Distrust is a disease that kills a friendship”

Review by Eddie on 7/10/2014

A true oddity of a film that marks it near impossible to categorize, The Bag Man is bargain basement filmmaking at its most strange and oddly intriguing and a film that you can sense being added to the plethora’s of cult movies marked “So bad it’s so good” for make no doubt about it readers, The Bag Man is a bad movie that still deserves to be checked out.

With headliners in the form of the ever slumming it John Cusack and the increasingly stuck on auto pilot Robert De Niro there is no doubt that many viewers will check into this seedy joint expecting some high quality thrills and spills but they will find themselves surely disappointed with a tale that veers frequently between dark brutal violence, Lynch like abstract comical moments and a story that will keep you glued to the screen thanks to the human nature in all of us wanting to know just what is in the titular “bag” and what is Mr. De Niro’s crime boss Dragna actually up to. The Bag Man’s premise and execution are all wholly unbelievable yet it’s all played and directed in such a way that it works to a low level of entertainment.

John Cusack and his humongous mullet have fun with a role that is all types of generic in the form of hitman/sad sack Jack and relative newcomer Da Costa isn’t completely wasted as street girl with a conscience Rivka, but it’s in the supports of Crispin Glover and De Niro that the film has some of its most wacky and memorable moments. Glover while not having abundant screen time makes the most of his wheelchair bound creepy motel owner Ned and De Niro gets to chew through some seriously over the top monologues as Dragna and even gets one of the more shocking acts of on screen violence in recent memory under his belt within the first 30 minutes of the film. There is also strange joyous quality’s shown by director Grovic who masters proceedings like some movie class graduate having fun with bright lights and dim lit hotel rooms and forgetting to direct with any type of originality.

The Bag Man is by no means a film worthy of rushing out to get but it’s also a unique and frequently must see to believe strange journey filled with one eyed pimps, Croatian midgets, a hamming it acting great and a mysterious bag and all those elements add up to a film that is worthy of a late night watch and no doubt a few laughs with a room full of film lovers.

2 bad cases of road rash out of 5

7 responses to “Film Review – The Bag Man (2014)

  1. I’m total honesty when I saw the names Cusack, De Niro and Glover I for a split second thought it was some obscure eighties film I’d missed on De Niro’s resume!

    But alas, it just sounds like yet another extremely bad career choice. What is he doing?! Maybe age has affected his judgement?

    • I reckon all his restaurants must be keeping his bank balance low enough to take on board almost any job ha. He was abit of fun here but the movie was downright bonkers.

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