Film Review – Closed Circuit (2013)

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Title – Closed Circuit (2013)

Director – John Crowley (Boy A)

Cast – Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent, Riz Ahmed, Ciaran Hinds, Julia Stiles, Anne-Marie Duff

Plot – After a large act of terrorism is committed in London killing masses of people, lawyers Martin Rose (Bana) and a lawyer his had an affair with Claudia Simmons-Howe (Hall) are tasked with defending the sole suspect of the case which upon investigation unearths many a hidden secret and places them in a dangerous game of life and death decisions.

“We have to accept all sorts of things which are simply unacceptable. And I will not accept that”

Review by Eddie on 16/10/2014

With the waft of a BBC movie and with some pretty shoddy production values, Boy A (a film you have to track down that features an early stunning turn from Spider-Man himself Andrew Garfield) director John Crowley’s 2013 thriller Closed Circuit starts off in a very mundane way and while not translating into anything more than a well-paced if highly unbelievable thriller it marks itself off as an enjoyable way to pass 90 minutes of your life with a story that will grow on you as the red herrings and mysteries pile up.

Closed Circuit is a certainly a strange name for a movie that really has nothing to do with surveillance, instead Crowley’s film focuses on the tensions and discoveries made between Eric Bana’s gruff (and very un-British sounding) arrogant lawyer Martin Rose and one time lover Claudia Simmons-Howe played by the always threatening to break out of b grade status Rebecca Hall. These people are not overly likeable and the film lacks a figure that can up the feel of the piece as a whole even though it’s nice to see fine character actors Ciaran Hinds, Jim Broadbent and a man possibly bound for future stardom in the form of the always great Riz Ahmed get some nice supporting roles. With a lack of real interest for the films body of people it is up to the plot boiler story to carry it through.

As previously mentioned Closed Circuit’s story is not really too concerned with being overly believable, in one particular instance it is insinuated that a large government agency such as Mi5 can’t hack computers but by and by the story succeeds at grabbing your attention and making you keen enough to see how it all transpires. At the heart of the story is a very intriguing and relatively possible scenario of agency meddling gone wrong and the idea of terrorist attacks on a city like London remain frighteningly possible which gives the film a feeling of current time relevance.

Lacking an acting spark that would have really made Closed Circuit more the sum of its parts, in saying that the film does still remain to be a solid and at times surprising thriller. Ending off proceedings in a manner that shows us just what could have been with this story, Closed Circuit is forgettable yet not regrettable and for topical thrillers that is a refreshing twist.

3 Bran Stark’s out of 5

5 responses to “Film Review – Closed Circuit (2013)

    • I can see that for sure man, I thought Bana was badly miscast and Hall always seems to be over acting. I got sucked in a little by this as it went on but it was nothing more than a TV movie in the end.

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