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the babadook poster

The Babadook is one of many recent Australian films that’s played well overseas

Both Jordan and Eddie are proud supporters of the local Australian film industry, an industry that’s had its many ups and its many downs and in an important time for the Australian film community more than ever it’s paramount that local productions and actors be showcased in an increasingly competitive and crowded market place.

J and E have recently been made aware of a new and important website developed exclusively for our local talent and for any fans out there that may count Mad Max, Animal Kingdom or even the recently well received Babadook as some of their favourites then we have a great new website for you to check out and hopefully follow –


For more on this website and its creator please see below –

So who runs Acting Australia?

The brains behind Acting Australia is Richard Delamore, a 27 year old actor, producer, and public speaker from Sydney Australia. Richard is currently the producer of Esperanto-TV, a community based Esperanto language IPTV channel sponsored by the Australian Esperanto Association under the umbrella of the Language Festival Association. For a full list of Richard’s credits please check out his profile at http://www.starnow.com

Aus - post

Richard Delamore

So why did Richard make this blog?

Acting Australia was originally conceived to bring together the wisdom and advice of our industry elders in a central location freely accessible by all. However as Richard progressed ever deeper in the film industry, he started to notice something greatly lacking within our own – That being coordination and intelligent promotion of home grown projects. Every director, producer, and actor is fighting tooth and nail to promote their project, usually to their peers in the hope that someone somewhere will pay attention. But this approach cannot work, so as of June 2014, Richard made it his mission to promote those projects he deemed awesome to the audiences they deserve.

How can you keep up to date with Australia’s varied array of exciting new projects and acting talents?

Easy! Head over to –


Your one stop shop for interviews, news and profiles on all things Australian film.

Snowtown - a low profile gem that Australia specialises in

Snowtown – a low profile gem that Australia specialises in

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