Kickstarter Campaign – BARINAGEDDON: The Movie


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The humble Barina car takes on a whole new meaning in the proposed BARINAGEDDON movie. Kickstarter offers the rare chance for movie lovers to get involved with films and put their money where their mouth is and today you have the opportunity to do so with this such campaign.

Finding success on Youtube with a trailer that has been viewed in excess of 600,000 times, BARINAGEDDON has also become a success in mainstream media with countless appearances in media outlets such as this –

If this movie looks like something you’d love to be involved in then get onto Kickstarter today and pledge your support!

For more on BARINAGEDDON – see below.

Bizarre accident results in a humble compact being mutated into a tank with a mind of its own running amuck. Can it be stopped?


Trailer –

In July 2014, the #BuyMyBarina online campaign became a social media sensation worldwide. The offers to buy the Barina came streaming in, many involving half eaten snacks and mystical precious items such as unicorn tears. After much deliberation, David Johns sold his car and handed over the keys to a testing lab. Based on some true events, the film follows the journey of the Barina as it enters a secret testing and research lab.

However, a freak accident turns this hubcap-lacking hatchback into… BARINAGEDDON. Threatened by nothing and seeking revenge on no-one, but the question remains how will humanity survive?

Love the trailer? David Johns and his equally brave colleagues at Chimney will make it into a film should it be funded, pledge and get involved to make it happen.

We aim to get Barinageddon completed before the robot uprising actually starts.

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