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Our close Australian neighbours over in New Zealand have been producing quality films for many a year now with such classics as Once Were Warriors, Whale Riders, Boy and countless others finding audiences the world over.

While many may recognise NZ as the land of Middle Earth the country has an abundance of small scale human stories that have a right to be heard and the upcoming film Find Your Voice looks set to be another heart-warming human tale.

While filming has now wrapped, the filmmakers have set up Indiegogo Campaign in hope of finalising the film in post-production.

It would be fantastic for film lovers the world over to jump on board and support this campaign as it’s important for all of us film fans to help these more personal small scale projects succeed and J and E hope in months to come to be able to watch the finished product of Find Your Voice in the way in which the filmmakers intended.

Help support this great cause in the links below and for more on the exciting project please continue to read on.

Support Find Your Voice here – http://igg.me/at/findyourvoice/x/9175074

See the Youtube clip of the campaign here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnLSgntHnQE

Find Your Voice - post



Shorething Films in association with Indefatigable Pictures is pleased to announce Find Your Voice, a new Australian/New Zealand feature film starring Academy Award nominee KEISHA CASTLE-HUGHES (Whale Rider, Game of Thrones) and ADAM SAUNDERS (Blue Water High, Home and Away).

“We wanted to tell an uplifting story that families could come together and watch” says star Adam Saunders. “Too often locally produced films deal with dark subject matter—for us we really wanted to focus on the positivity of life!” Find Your Voice is a celebration of family and culture through one young man’s spiritual odyssey in search of true purpose and place in today’s world.

The film follows Elvis “E” Pineaha, a Sydney Maori and musician, who like many young adults has lost sight of who he really is, and what really counts. After winning the lottery, E decides to journey back to New Zealand to find himself.

Starting his journey of self-discovery in Auckland, E meets the captivating Grace “PRINCESS” Rangataua, played by Academy Award nominee and Game of Thrones cast member Keisha Castle-Hughes, and immediately puts her off with his brash manner, but it isn’t long until sparks start to fly.

With the assistance of his family, friends and community, E learns to overcome the temptations of the “instant gratification” culture and discovers who he really is. Find Your Voice features an exciting ensemble cast of film and music veterans including music legends Tama Lundon of Herbs, Ian Moss of Cold Chisel and the first-ever Maori winner of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, Danielle Hayes.

Find Your Voice is currently in post-production and the filmmakers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to finish this uplifting film. Among the incredible selection of perks for contributing is a private concert from Tama Lundon.

Please visit http://www.facebook.com/findyourvoicemovie for more information and to view the crowdfunding pitch video.

Twitter / Instagram @FindVoiceMovie

For more information, images and interviews please contact:


About Adam Saunders

Having already had a career in Australian TV (Blue Water High, Home and Away, Creature Features) this is Saunders’ first lead role in a feature film. Find Your Voice is very close to Adam’s heart as much of the story is based around his own experience as an Australian Maori.

About Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha is an Australian born New Zealand actress who rose to prominence for playing Paikea “Pai” Apirana in the film Whale Rider. Keisha has had an illustrious career in film over the years. Her role in Find Your Voice finds her exploring her own Maori heritage once again.

About the Director

Chris Herd has enjoyed a colourful 25 years of film and television experience across 3 continents including working with the BBC, National Geographic and ABC, where he met Adam Saunders. Find Your Voice is Chris’ directorial debut.

2 responses to “Upcoming Film – Find Your Voice

  1. It’s interesting how, at least in America, all internationally successful NZ films that don’t involve hobbits are about the Maori. Even more interesting is the roles Maori actors get for characters that aren’t supposed to be Maori, Keisha played the Virgin Mary for example.

    • Yeh very true man, the culture of the race is very interesting though and a lot of their best films showcase this. One of the best shows I have seen recently was Top of the Lake, filmed in NZ it’s well worth a watch.

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