Film Review – The Infinite Man (2014)

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Title – The Infinite Man (2014)

Director – Hugh Sullivan (feature debut)

Cast – Josh McConville, Hannah Marshall, Alex Dimitriades

Plot – Dean (McConville) and Lana’s (Marshall) anniversary weekend in a now abandoned hotel complex is hijacked by Lana’s ex Terry (Dimitriades) making an unwanted appearance. Stemming from this Dean and Lana’s relationship lies in tatters but Dean’s invention of a time traveling devise may allow him to replay events in his favour.

“I hold in my hands the blueprint to a perfect weekend”

Review by Eddie on 12/02/2015

An ambitious little Australian film that seemingly came to existence from much persistence from its creator Hugh Sullivan and star Josh McConville, The Infinite Man is a film the overcomes it’s obvious budget limitations to become an interesting/unique love story that while always watchable is sadly forgettable and in the end acts as a product that you can see will be inspiration for a Hollywood remake, such is the potential here.

A hybrid of both the romantic comedy genre and the DIY time travel projects like Primer etc. The Infinite Man never really bothers to explain its science as it’s more concerned with getting you engaged in the harsh realities of McConville’s Dean’s deep seeded and undying love for his girlfriend and sometimes ex-girlfriend Lana as played by Marshall. Dean is an OCD suffering socially inept man who struggles to maintain his sanity when the going gets tough while Lana is a woman who knows what she wants yet is unsure if she can get that from Dean. It’s an interestingly played out romantic tale between the two as Dean try’s to accustom himself to a life without Lana and then as the time traveling kicks in try’s to realise what Lana needs from him, whatever being of himself is currently courting her. It’s an intriguing prospect and a not always believable one, the more you think the more the story falls apart but these are usual staples of the time travel genre that aren’t enough to completely derail what elements the film does right.

The film features a witty and often inventive script and while McConville and Marshall perform amiable the star of this show is Australian acting staple Alex Dimitriades as Lana’s ex Terry. Terry is a self-obsessed disgraced Olympian that carries his old javelin in the boot of his car (the javelin is the star of one of the films funniest scenes) and his appearance on screen is always a welcome addition to a film that benefits from his industry experience. The appearance of Dimitriades is what highlights the Infinite Man’s largest weaknesses, McConville and Marshall while good just don’t possess enough natural charm to really wow us into caring, if we to feel in love with these humans then The Infinite Man could of literally become anything including a sci-fi comedy classic.

There is a lot of fine meditation on life, love and friendship on display in The Infinite Man and there can be little doubting of the care taken to get this story made for the big screen and full credit for all involved for this. The film can become a frustrating experience as you feel many a time that it’s about to break the shackles and become something truly memorable but as the initially wonderful then sadly generically ended finale fades from view, you realise that greatness was close yet so very far away. Bring on the hopefully impending and improved remake I say.

2 and a half javelins out of 5

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