J and E’s 2015 Post-Oscar Breakdown

Birdman - post

The cast and crew of Birdman arrive on stage to celebrate its Best Picture victory

Compiled by Jordan and Eddie on 3/03/2015

How’s that folks? Another Oscar’s crossed off the list as our attention all of a sudden turns to what films may be fighting it out for the Awards next year (The Revenant is our early call) in 2016. This year saw a fairly subdued and an unarguably low key night that was one of the more forgetful of recent years and maybe just the worst hosted since the infamous Anne Hathaway/James Franco double bill that we’ve almost erased from our memory. There were highlights of course (and a bunch of lowlights) all of which we’ve chosen in this list and the all-important predictions that J and E laid down before the awards can be mulled over below.

Final Oscars Tally – J and E’s Predictions vs Results

Hollywood’s finest may have been battling it out in the Dolby Theatre, but Jordan and Eddie had more than pride riding on the line with our Oscar Predictions. So who got it right more often than not and took home the crown of chief Awards Predictor? See results below!


Well well, what are the chances, a draw has occurred between Jordan and Eddie in predicting this year’s Oscar’s, both with the not-at-all-great tally of 10/24 correct picks each. Jordan was pretty spot on with his choosing of Grand Budapest to come out tops of the awards win table predicting it to win 5 (it won 4) while Eddie going with Boyhood as the major winner with 5 wins was a big misstep as it came away with one lonesome statue.

For the official winners tally from the night, see below –


The Highlights


Who would’ve thought Lady Gaga would provide the highlight of the night?

Eddie – I never thought I’d be saying this but here it goes; Lady Gaga. The Gaga’s performance of a medley of Sound of Music songs felt epic and heartfelt and was a nice touch to an otherwise pretty sombre ceremony. In what was a night won by the musical performances the rendition of Selma’s theme song, Glory by John Legend and Common was another great moment in the shows telecast.

It was also nice to see all Best Picture nominees walk away with at least one award, something that I can’t recall ever happening before in such a large category and it goes to show just how even most of these films were in there quality.

Jordan – As Eddie stated, every best picture nominee walking away with a statue was a real highlight and in retrospect very fair, as it was one of the closest fields in recent memory. Also, the beautiful and frightfully talented Julianne Moore accepting her duely deserved award was a moment the entire film-loving community could embrace whole heatedly.

The Lowlights


Now seriously, ain’t no body got time for that! Awkward not funny NPH.

Eddie – Trying not to be too picky but’s it’s hard to ignore 3 stand out awkward moments from host Neil Patrick Harris. NPH’s walkout in tightie whities fell flat, his magic trick dragged out far too long and his interviewing of audiences members ended on a shocking note with Steve Carrel where NPH just seemingly forgot what he was even trying to do. In a long awards show these weird moments just put everyone on edge.

Jordan – Am I the only one getting sick of the hosts being encouraged to hijack these evenings and lower the credibility? If I’m winning a historically significant award then I don’t want it to be during a ceremony in which the under-talented host donned a pair of undies and tried too hard to roast one of the guests of honor.

Best Speech

J.K Simmons

J.K Simmons was a deserving winner of Best Supporting actor, his speech one of the best of the night

Eddie – While it was first cab off the rank, it was refreshing to hear such a down to earth speech from everyone’s favourite maniacal music teacher J.K Simmons. It was short, heartfelt and had some social commentary without being pretentious. The acceptance speech by Common and John Legend for their Best Original Song win was also a high quality moment.

Jordan – Common and John Legend spoke with confidence and poise, though their commitment to social and world issues perhaps drifted too far. The nod for best speech then goes to my True Romance crush Patricia Arquette, who started with the traditional thanks and made her crescendo a rousing call for equal rights. Am I the only one who though that Jared Leto was then a bit too quick to rush her off stage..?

Worst Speech

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie are you OK? Eddie Redmayne delivered an annoying and strange acceptance speech for his Best Actor win

Eddie – Perhaps I am just harbouring a grudge for Redmayne’s win in the Best Actor category but his speech was just flat out annoying. No doubt caught out by the win, the young acting star made a meal of his acceptance and letting us all know he will clean the statue just highlights how lame his acceptance was.

Jordan – See above…

Biggest Surprise

Patricia Arquette, Jared Leto

Patricia gets ready to tell the world how it needs to get better. She was the lone winner for Boyhood

Eddie – Boyhood’s shunning; a onetime sure bet walking away with only one award for Best Supporting Actress in what was arguably the least well contested category of the night. Is there a growing list of people who haven’t shared the love for the film that was heaped upon it when it first graced our screens? Judging by this showing I would say that’s a real possibility.

Jordan – Birdman for Best Picture. Yes, it’s technically a marvel and it would’ve been a crime if a nomination hadn’t been forthcoming, but it’s a film that lacks a heart and I don’t believe it will live on in the minds of audiences. The Grand Budapest Hotel however…

Also, I know its a Dreamworks sequel, but How to Train Your Dragon 2 really should’ve bet Big Hero 6.

The Host Rating

NPH oscars

Magic tricks are not good Oscar material if NPH’s extended skit is anything to go by

Eddie – From memory, the Academy’s third favoured preference to host the show, Neil Patrick Harris won’t be getting an invite back I’d suggest. NPH struggled to deliver jokes, seemed on edge the whole time and just generally failed to engage in what is a show that needs someone exuding charisma.

1 staring into Steve Carrel’s eyes out of 5

Jordan – NPH was out of his depth. Simply presenting an award, perhaps for Best Animated Feature, would’ve enabled him to produce a quick and memorable quip that I’m sure would’ve been successful, but hosting a full prestigious night left him gasping for comedic air.

He also loses points simply because he isn’t Eddie Murphy. We want Eddie Murphy… circa Raw and Delirious of course.

0.5 forced audience laughs out of 5

How did you find this years ceremony? Were the picks what you were hoping? Let us know your thoughts and highlights/lowlights in the comments below!

16 responses to “J and E’s 2015 Post-Oscar Breakdown

  1. Yeah I was really bummed by the night. I am not a Birdman fan. It’s well made but I agree it will end up as a real head scratcher kind of like we look at American Beauty as pretentious nonsense now. It’s well made but would be way down my list of the best of the year that’s for sure. I think film students will be studying Boyhood for years to come with great subtle scenes like the motivational teacher in the photography dark room. Oh well.
    I was glad for Simmons and Arquette and the only other award that made me happy was actually animation because I was more emotionally connected to Big Hero 6 and it was more original. If they weren’t going to go with Kaguya or Song of the Sea than I feel like I’ve seen movies like Boxtrolls and Dragon before where Big Hero 6 was more unique.
    But Gaga was a great surprise so that was nice. NPH was terrible. I joked I think they got the How I Met Your Mother finale writers to write his jokes because they all fell flat. It was tough to watch. And does it really need to be 3.5 hours? Geesh….
    Next year we should just get the bloggers together and give our own awards on a google hangout or something. That would be a lot more entertaining and more deserving (only 3 of my top 10 were nominated- Song of the Sea, Selma and Boyhood). Sigh

      • Yeah I see Selma holding up the best because sadly there aren’t that many movies of iconic African American leaders (I see it having legs like Malcom X or The Color Purple).
        I think Boyhood will hold up like Hoop Dreams has, which had a similar bold concept many responded too.
        Grand Budapest Hotel probably won’t be Wes Anderson’s most memorable film.
        The rest I really don’t see having legs but I could be wrong. We will see.

  2. Jordy I disagree and thought patricia arquette’s speech was terrible. She won an award for acting, thank the people who helped you win the award nobody cares about your social issues – your just an actress and not given the award based on your beliefs!

    Totally agree with you on dragons though! Big hero 6 was really good but dragons was brilliant.

  3. I didn’t watch it. It was on in the early hours in the morning here and well… meh. I think Boyhood was shafted but then a lot of the films I loved last year were not even nominated.

  4. This was the first Oscars I watched all the way through, and I took a strange delight in the unbearable awkwardness of NPH’s hosting. Countless writers had a long time to prepare for such a big night and not one joke brought the house down. Amazing. Definitely agree with Lady Gaga being the highlight.

  5. I didn’t watch this year. From what I’ve read I’m glad I passed. Your breakdown is great though and told me everything I needed to know.

  6. Glory and the acceptance speech was my highlight. None of the speeches were that amazing, but I did have a soft spot for Simmons’ spot, especially as he has been around for so long before getting his big moment. And yes, NPH was woeful. You’d think he’d never done anything live before.

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