Film Review – Good People (2014)

Good - postTitle – Good People (2014)

Director – Henrik Ruben Genz (Excuse Me)

Cast – James Franco, Kate Hudson, Tom Wilkinson, Omar Sy, Sam Spruell

Plot – Bad things start to happen to good people after financially struggling couple Tom (Franco) and Anna (Hudson) discover and take a large stash of money from there downstairs apartment after their tenants death.

 “Didn’t you know that when you find a pot of gold, there’s always a monster guarding it”

Review by Eddie on 7/04/2015

It may be called Good People but I can assure you that the only thing good you’ll find in this movie is the wording in the title, for the rest of Henrik Ruben Genz’s gloomy, dull and downright boring film is abysmal, so abysmal in fact that you can’t for one minute even imagine why this movie was made or why it attracted actors who should know better than this.

To call Good People unimaginative would be a massive understatement, the story here is so familiar you begin to question if it is in fact just a mixture of other much better thrillers and for some reason home invasion films that towards the end sees Good People pay homage to everyone’s favourite of this genre, Home Alone. Directing his first English language film Genz struggles to embed any type of originality or character into this tale, that from the 20 minute mark will become utterly predictable to anyone who has ever watched a movie where “good people” get involved with “bad people” and seriously, have James Franco’s Tom and Kate Hudson’s wife Anna never watched a movie where law abiding citizen’s find a stash of money? Clue, it doesn’t end well!

While Good People’s story is anything but a winner, the film could’ve benefited from some charismatic leads, actors taking one for the team and elevating the project beyond its destined for bargain bins journey but Mr. Uninterested himself Franco (seriously how many movies does this guy make a year?) and the ever average child of Goldie Hawn Kate Hudson share little chemistry together and play their respective roles so straight that you’d barely even know they were there. With the leads so utterly uninvolving there is slight hope that supports in veteran Tom Wilkinson, type casted bad guy Sam Spruell and even the Untouchables breakout star Omar Sy, but once more sadly this is not the case as all struggle with one dimensional and frankly quite lame side players.

There is pedigree involved here, from actors who’ve had successes, producers with the likes of Tobey Maguire and there is against all odds the slight possibility that this story is in fact interesting but the finished product of Good People is what they call in today’s modern day terms an “Epic Failure”. With a grey tinge to the films overall tone, a glum story and even more gloomier acting turns there is little to suggest Good People is even worth watching for its badness although the Home Alone like final act is one of the funnier things you’re likely to see this year, in a film that all of a sudden thinks it’s something else entirely.

1 pool cue out of 5

10 responses to “Film Review – Good People (2014)

  1. Hi Eddie – spot on review! I couldn’t believe how bad this was, or why Franco and Hudson took it on. Definitely one to be filed under “Big Mistake”!

  2. Oh man, haha. Had a good chuckle reading this one. I think I’ll skip it and opt for stabbing myself in the eyeballs with poison-tipped needles instead. 😉

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