Film Review – Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): Jordan’s Take

Mad Max Fury Road poster

Mad Max: Fury Road

Directed by George Miller

Starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult

Review by Jordan – for Eddie’s take click here

Outrageous, ingenious, chaotic, outlandish, anarchic, feverish, mind-blowing, funny, violent, dazzling, crazy, hysterical, visually stunning and always surprising – there will be many that try, foolishly, to emulate what Australian film-making stalwart George Miller has so perfectly constructed with his return to the iconic Mad Max franchise, but none will come close. His Fury Road, a groundbreaking reinvention of a 1979 Ozploitation classic that itself reinvented what Australian films could be, before The Road Warrior streamed ahead of it in ’81 and found international acclaim, influencing the brat-pack of American directors taught from rented VHS’ and not film theorists, is one of the best action films ever made because it has the vision to be just that: a no holds barred experience that shuns the put-upon shortcomings of other action orientated movies and focuses solely on the carnage.

The narrative is engaging, villains villainous, numerous and respectably despicable, production design flawless and Mad Max himself a hero worthy of the renowned title. Tom Hardy speaks little, but emits every bit of his sun-drenched craziness through a crooked brow, cracked smile or hard-earned thumbs up; his is a character worth rooting for because why not? Saddling a duel engined war machine into ongoing dust storms and constantly risking his disturbed life to protect a group of fleeing, beautiful models while forming a rare bond with the battle scarred Imperator Furiosa (an equally impressive Charlize Theron).

Nicholas Hoult is also great as the desperate Nux, a stowaway with a heart of gold who demands you to witness him as he storms through the gates of Valhalla. Nux is the source of many laughs, and his idiosyncrasies present just a small example of the whirlwind of ideas swirling around in the head of Miller.

George Miller is 70 years old, and although the likes of Sidney Lumet, Clint Eastwood, Milos Forman and Roman Polanski have proven this is still a young age to be a visionary behind the camera, it is still striking as an amazing accomplishment. The SFX, CGI and uses of 3D are among the most impressive I’ve seen, and from what an unlikely place! Mad Max: Fury Road is the very reason I am often loathed to watch the latest Marvel or DC blockbuster, as it makes more glaringly obvious the laziness, pedestrian attitude and lack of originality or dare present in them.

See Fury Road. Just do it. And bask in the high-octane thrills and undiluted brilliance on display.

5 double headed lizards out of 5

36 responses to “Film Review – Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): Jordan’s Take

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  2. It’s not normally my kind of movie but I also liked it. I was so surprised to find such awesome and diverse female characters who weren’t cliched warrior women. That was so cool. I did feel a little exhausted after watching it. You never really get a break.

    • Hey. The female characters were great! Both Furiosa and the sirens, whose accents and dialogue did Australia proud ha. It is exshausting but I really appreciated that it never let up and stuck to its guns.

  3. What impresses me the most is that technically, this is a summer blockbuster, and those are not known for their greatness.
    Explosions, cgi, spectacle, yes.
    But this film is much more than that, even though it’s basically a 2 hour car chase with explosions and cgi.
    How can that be?
    I don’t know.

    • Because it never caves into convention or rehashes scenarios. Despite being the 4th entry in a long dormant franchise it’s utterly original.
      Just loved it.

  4. Almost agree with everything – especially the score..

    Just dont get what you saw in the 3d that was so good?

    Neither here nor there I didn’t feel it added anything to it and would prob have preferred 2d on the big screen, 3d for the home viewing.

    Great flick though!

  5. Hear, hear! Fury Road isn’t a weightless spectacle like most of the vapid blockbusters released so far this season, and it’s due to stay that way to end of this summer, and beyond, probably for another ten years.

  6. I decided against better judgement to see this because of a decent looking trailer and a raving review from Movie Geeks United. I have not seen the first three.

    Well, what a disappointment. Just terrible.

    For a post-apocalyptic move with substance, watch The Road.

      • That’s certainly true, Jordan. And while I think the movie has some merits, mainly the creation of a believable, alternative universe, on the whole it must be a thumbs down for me. Sure the make up, locations and art direction is very good, which is why the movie looked promising early on. I still think the make up of Apocalypto and The Eagle But the cinematography is endlessly repetitive with constant crane and helicopter shot Everything is shot for max effect and the contrast that creates real meaning is lacking. That is also true of the plot as a whole.
        To me the whole movie was a non-stop, testosterone-run-rampant, grotesque spectacle of the worst kind.

        I must say that I’m surprised by the laudatory response the movie received.

        I’ll try to write more @ The Essence of Cinema.

        Meanwhile, keep up the excellent blog!

  7. Great review! Fury Road just shows that there is still some originality in Hollywood despite it being part of a franchise. I loved how it didn’t require depth or plot to be entertaining, literally does what it says on the tin!

  8. Smashing review Jordan. This film is a beauty. It has that iconic action movie aura. The franchise as a whole is really quite brilliant – even at its worst (Beyond Thunderdome) it’s still pretty good!


  9. I knew you guys would like it 🙂 I thought it was incredible! question: how is it doing in Australia? Box Office Mojo only has info on its opening weekend (it made $5million: is that good??)

    • Yep, was even better than I’d hoped! It’s topped the box office here for the second week in a row, and is close to the 13 million dollar mark now, which for quite a niche Australian film is really quite respectable. Let’s hope it keeps picking up international momentum!

  10. Great Review! Saw this recently and it was stunning as hell. Felt like the movie took place at the end of sanity and humanity. Some where between in that valley.

  11. I’m really, really, really hoping this film makes a profit. Everyone seems to love or like it I know who’s seen it, and 4/4 of the people I showed it to had a great time with the film. The critics are raving over the thing.

    I’m hoping for decent numbers from China and Japan. If those countries can support schlock like Transformers, they can get behind an action extravaganza with this little dialogue.

  12. There must be someone who doesn’t like this film surely? And someone who doesn’t even want to see it? (That will be me then…)
    Regards from Norfolk. Pete.

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