Film Review – Any Day (2015)

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Title – Any Day (2015)

Director – Rustam Branaman (The Culling)

Cast – Sean Bean, Eva Longoria, Kate Walsh, Tom Arnold, Shane Black

Plot – Ex-boxer Vian (Bean) is released from prison after serving a sentence for manslaughter. Moving in with his sister Bethley (Walsh) and her young son, Vian sets out to find redemption by getting a job with local restaurant owner Roland (Arnold) and by meeting potential love interest Jolene (Longoria).

 “I just want to be somebody, to make something of my life”

Review by Eddie on 22/05/2015

An amiable and well filmed drama that shares all the common qualities of an above average TV movie, Any Day is a perfectly enjoyable movie that is elevated by the presence of well-known face Sean Bean, who saves Any Day from becoming a cringe worthy tale in its questionable third act.

With a faith tinged core and a focus on finding ones purpose in life, director Rustam Branaman treads a well-worn path of redemption in this story of boxer turned prison inmate Vian and his eventual journey back into every day normal life, but he tells it in a way that keeps things ticking along even if the pace at times grinds to a halt thanks to extremely over the top scenes. Vian also isn’t what you’d call a completely likeable figure and his short fused temper shows up a man that is inwardly tormented but there’s enough humanity to make him a man we want the best for, helped by Bean’s solid work.

For fans of Bean’s career I can say he thankfully survives this ordeal so Any Day won’t be showing up on Bean’s death list any time soon and it’s another turn that shows us all his an actor that can disappear into any role. His by far the standout performer here and shares some nice moments with the near unrecognisable Tom Arnold but the rest of the cast struggle to make much of a mark with the slumming it Eva Longoria barely registering and Kate Walsh struggling with some of the films more weighty moments.

Any Day feels quite familiar yet there’s enough here to give it its own personality and some nice surprises keep you on your toes even though the films last 15 – 20 minutes are horribly misjudged. For fans of Sean Bean in particular, this is a low key drama that’s well worth a watch and much more enjoyable than many of its far more well-known counterparts.

2 and a half dropped pizzas out of 5


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