Jordan and Eddie – Celebrating 2 Years of The Movie Guys


Jordan and Eddie in Shinjuku Tokyo!

By Jordan and Eddie

Time certainly does fly! Two years ago Jordan and Eddie decided it was well overdue that they start compiling their film thoughts, if merely to keep a record of their journey through cinema both new and old.

In the two years that have past, the J and E blog has been far more enjoyable and interesting than they would’ve ever have imagined and that’s largely due to the wide range of fellow cinema lovers we’ve been lucky enough to have come on board as regular readers and commenters.

Taking some time to reflect on two years’ worth of work, J and E have decided to pick 5 of each others pieces to look back upon as some highlights of the 100’s of reviews, opinions and best-of lists.

We also take time out to say thanks to all of you, the readers, for regularly checking into our blog, that while small in scale reflects our personal musings and hopefully insightful opinions on the wonderful world of cinema. We look forward to having you on board for years to come.

As always – happy reading and happy watching!

Eddie’s picks for Jordan


Jordan feeling right at home in a foreign land…

1. Film Review – Movie 43: An atrocious movie that Jordan absolutely nails in this brutally honest review.

2. Resident Evil – From Worst to Best: Far and away our most viewed and constantly popular post, this is a list that can’t hide Jordan’s deep affiliation with a series that has always struck gold for him.

3. Classic Review – The Night of the Hunter: A ripping film that Jordan deconstructs fantastically in this classic review of a film more people need to see.

Dario Argento

Jordan’s favorite director Dario Argento

4. Top 10 Dario Argento Films: I’ve always known Jordan as a massive Dario Argento fan, and this list encapsulates his extensive knowledge the masters filmography.

5. Film Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service: A controversial opinion somewhat, this is a fresh take on a darkly comic film that had many hailing it as a sure fire classic for the ages.

 Jordan’s picks for Eddie


A camel and his mate

 1. Terrence Malick – From Worst to Best: Eddie awaits with anticipation any news regarding new projects from the reclusive master, and here sums up his admiration wonderfully.

2. Classic Review – The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001): After meeting with director Rolf De Heer, Eddie revisited a childhood favorite and came away with an even stronger connection with it. He hands out the 5 star rating very sparingly, signalling the quality of this film and subsequently the review.

3. Top 10 Steven Spielberg Films: 84 enthusiastic comments prove how daunting a list this was to compile.

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories takes the viewer on a wonderful journey

4. Film Review – After Earth (2013): Eddie perfectly captures his disdain for this vanity piece in a review compiled as three letters to Will & Jaden Smith and director M. Night Shyamalan. Written quite early on in the history of this site, this remains my favorite review of Eds.

5. Opinion Piece – Why we should miss Blockbuster Video: This was a difficult call given there were many articles I wanted to include, but Eddie’s opinion piece on the fall of video rentals really struck a nostalgic cord with me as a reader and frequenter at the shops in mention.

30 responses to “Jordan and Eddie – Celebrating 2 Years of The Movie Guys

  1. Congratulations on two years of furious productivity. I am constantly in awe of your level of output, and scan each of your entries for reassuring signs of slapdash worksmanship; thus far without success. Even if I don’t always agree with your conclusions, I can never fault your process.

    All the best from Bad Movie Marathon.

  2. Hi guys, well done! Just wanted to add my thanks for all your good work, and looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with in Year Three. Always a pleasure…

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