Film Review – The Forger (2014)

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Title – The Forger (2014)

Director – Philip Martin (feature debut)

Cast – John Travolta, Tye Sheridan, Christopher Plummer, Abigail Spencer, Anson Mount, Jennifer Ehle

Plot – Thief and art forger Raymond Cutter (Travolta) gets out of jail early to spend time with his ill son Will (Sheridan) but is drawn back into doing one last job that will see him try and replicate a painting by Monet and steal the original.

 “I hope you didn’t do something foolish to be here”

Review by Eddie on 8/10/2015

A curious mix of family drama and crime thriller that never even begins to threaten to become a good cohesive mix, Philip Martin’s The Forger is one of countless other films in years past that has potential yet fails to realise it due to lacklustre acting, scripting and some quite dire direction.

Starring the now long time mojo-less John Travolta, The Forger gives the near unrecognisable 70’s/80’s icon a chance to shine as art loving forger (and proud goatee sporting) Raymond Cutter who just wants to spend some quality time with his dying son Will played by Tree of Life’s Tye Sheridan but gets caught up with some mean old baddies who want him to do one last job but Travolta fails to bring anything to the table other than a torrid hairdo and while his interplay with Sheridan can be at times humorous and almost affecting, it doesn’t work enough to make up for the Forger’s shoddily handled storytelling.

Every man, women, child and all those in between love a good heist movie, the tension of the set-up, the plans and the execution can make for white knuckle thrills but the Forger, to its detriment, never bothers to raise so much as a slight pulse and by the films so called finale, you’ll be wondering if you’ve in fact been conned into “one last score” that just doesn’t payoff. We could’ve done with double the dose of planning and making paint and far less meandering father/son relationship drama and for all the films effort to make us care for both Raymond and Will, by the end we frankly couldn’t care less about their plight even though the film’s final scene shows us just what could’ve been.

Wasting a ripe story, industry vet Christopher Plummer and generally wasting our time with a movie that promises something yet delivers nothing, The Forger is a direct to DVD effort than you can stay well away from and is another nail in the increasingly shut coffin lid that now lays almost perfectly flush over the casket of John Travolta’s slowly dying career.

1 ½ uneven soul patches out of 5


11 responses to “Film Review – The Forger (2014)

  1. Hi guys – spot-on review, and yet another Travolta movie that fails to get off the ground. With the way their careers are going, it can only be a matter of time before Travolta and Nicolas Cage team up for Face/Off 2: Betcha Can’t Recognise Me Now…

  2. “Long time mojo-less John Travolta”….and how! Man, oh how the mighty fall. Maybe if he dropped the wigs and got back to some acting things might change for the guy. Or not.

  3. Thought I would pile on. Travolta has too many times adopted this “cool,” flippant persona in his films. Broken Arrow, Face Off, Swordfish; it’s the same act. Not even acting, IMO, just an act. Sorry to say.

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