The Revenant – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited


List by Eddie on 3/12/2015

With risk of preaching to the converted, anyone with a passing knowledge or interest in the movie scene will surely be marking a date in the diary to see what could well be the king of next year’s Oscar’s, The Revenant.

Not only featuring the dream team of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, the stunning vistas and biting cold of the American wilds and the narrative gold of revenge and survival on an epic scale, Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s big budgeted Western unlike any other should be an incredible event to witness on the biggest screen available to your viewing needs.

Delving into but a few reasons as to why The Revenant should be on the very top of your upcoming cinema visit list (sorry Star Wars fans), there’s lot of reasons to be excited by the impending release of what could just be one of the films of the decade.

Happy reading and happy watching!

1. Tom Hardy vs Leonardo DiCaprio

Revenant - Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy should bring his now famous intensity to his supporting turn

As John Fitzgerald and Hugh Glass respectively we have a movie match up for the ages. As frontiersman, Hardy and DiCaprio (co-stars in the much loved Inception) may not get to share an abundance of screen time together but whenever you pit two such powerful performers together the results will likely be something else entirely. Not often do cinemagoers get the chance to watch two of the modern era’s most renowned actors share the screen and if the pairing of these two can’t sway you as to why you need to be excited for this event, then sadly nothing will.

To understand more about the pairing of these two Hollywood heavyweights watch the latest trailer for the film below –

2. A New Breed of Western

Revenant - 2nd

Not often you see Western’s looking like this, stunning stuff

It’s exciting. After years of laying far too dormant, we’ve recently seen the releases of Django Unchained, The Homesman and Bone Tomahawk and will soon witness both The Hateful Eight and the inspired by true events The Revenant, Western’s with a difference and there’s talk of many more Wild West themed projects on the boil for the next few years. The once mighty genre will get a huge boost this Xmas Holiday period thanks to Eight and the Revenant and while the Revenant is a whole different type of beast than what’s usually found in the dusty plains of the old west, I for one can’t wait to see what the genre can provide us with over the next few months.

To understand more about this harsh and unrelenting tale see here –

3. Alejandro González Iñárritu

Revenant - Aleandro

Iñárritu on set with his lead man Leonardo DiCaprio, conditions were often “hellish”

Whilst his long been regarded as one of the most consistent and unique directors of our time, it wasn’t until last year’s Birdman made its way into the populace that Iñárritu really found the level of fame that he deserved. From his debut Amores perros and there similarly constructed 21 Grams and Babel, Iñárritu has always been a director that harbors a riveting and unique vision. Given a budget that some estimate to be over $150 million and a story that seems perfectly suited to his visionary works, we should all be excited that this talented filmmaker has ventured into the wilds to bring us this tale.

To hear more about Iñárritu’s passion project read here –

4. Emmanuel Lubezki

Revenant - Emmanuel Lubezki

Lubezki will be taking the audience on one wild ride with his captured images

What do Gravity, The Tree of Life, Children of Men, The New World and Birdman have in common? The answer, Emmanuel Lubezki. The famed cinematographer has taken home the last two Academy Awards for his stunning D.O.P work and his job on Birdman was lauded in particular for making us feel as though we were witnessing one continuous take of back stage action on a play. There’s been much talk about Lubezki’s boundary pushing work on The Revenant that has seen him try and exclusively use natural lighting and if nothing else, The Revenant should be an absolute feast for the eyes and sense thanks to the work of Lubezki.

For more on the stunning sounding work on the Revenant read here –

5. DiCaprio’s Best Shot at an Overdue Oscar

Revenant - Leonardo DiCaprio

Taking aim at his long overdue Oscar, DiCaprio has a great chance of finally taking home a statue

It will always be a great mystery as to why Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t won an Oscar. In a filmography packed with both masterful performances and classic films, DiCaprio has often found himself wondering home empty handed after the industries night of nights has concluded. There’s hearsay that DiCaprio has a slight 13 lines in this tale but on the strength of trailers, pre-hype and lucky blighters who’ve seen the movie already, it seems as though the Revenant could just be the film to give the actor a golden statue, especially in a year that has yet to showcase a truly unbeatable male acting turn.

For some insight into Leonardo DiCaprio’s committed turn as Hugh Glass read below –

Revenant - poster

The Revenant opens on Australian cinema screens on January 7th 2016.

Are you excited for The Revenant? Or perhaps this harsh Western isn’t your cup of tea? Either way we’d love to hear from you so drop us a comment below! 

25 responses to “The Revenant – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

  1. Great hype here dude, these articles are great! Its very refreshing and bold for a quality film like this to be releasing in January, but I loved Birdman so i’m super looking forward to this! I didn’t know the same cinematographer from Children of Men was working on this too, that movie was awesome. The Revenant deserves best movie trailer of the year I think.

    • Agreed man! On all points. I am really curious to see how the film might go Box Office wise as it’s a big gamble in a lot of ways as mainstream audiences might either love it or loathe it from what they expect. But I cant wait!

  2. Wow. Awesome article! Really compelling structure. I can’t wait to see this either. While DiCaprio and Innaritu get all the hype, it’s excellent to see Lubezki (cinematographer) as one of your reasons. His work with Mallick is mesmerizing!

      • Mallick had me with Badlands, but sealed the deal with Thin Red Line. I owned a video store when Tree Of Life came out, and kept recommending it as best of the year. Man did that piss some people off. They wanted their Time back. Mallick ain’t for everyone!

        Really looking forward to the natural lighting from Lubezki though. Revenant looks like an oil painting come to life in some frames.

      • Ha man I know the feeling, I lent my Blu Ray copy to a lot of people and they pretty much de friended me movie wise after it ha. Funny he just seems to lose 9 outta ten viewers but those that buy into his work love it.

  3. Your article is correct: These are indeed the top 5 reasons to be excited for what may be one of the best films of the year, if not THE best. I just hope it doesn’t get swamped by Star Wars, and I’m a diehard follower of The Force, lol.

    I also agree with you that this is Leo’s best chance at an Oscar given the role, the film’s genre, and the lack of any standout acting performance this year. However, I’m weary of The Spotlight (2015) and its Oscar-baity content, as well as how the Academy may give Michael Keaton an “Apology Oscar” in respite for last year’s steal.

    And let us not forget a far more deserving actor who’s never and likely will never win an Oscar: Brad Pitt 😦 </3

    • Man that makes me sad remember Bradolph Pitler has never won a deserved Oscar 😦

      I agree with you on the Spotlight point I am also hoping that films like Carol or the Danish Girl don’t sweep due to their topical nature but you just never know with the old foggie voters!

      All I can say with assurance is bring on the Revenant!

  4. Pretty in the minority but im actually not that fussed for this movie.

    Sure it’ll be good but im not that excited to rush out and see it

    • I reckon once it’s out ma and you hear everyone talking about it, even you’ll take time out of your busy Netflix schedule to check it out on the big screen man. Has Leo ever let you down before?

  5. So I was lucky enough to be in the first audience to see the final cut screening of this on Nov 22nd. We were treated to a Q & A afterwards by Leo & Alejandro themselves along w/prod. I’ve never in my life seen such a film. I didn’t think Alejandro could outdo Birdman..and he did. This IS Leo’s Oscar GOLD.. you will be blown away. I don’t usually post my own links, but even if you just read the Q & A part.. they were spectacular together.. it’s like they ‘got’ each others vision etc..

    • Peggy I don’t think I will be the only one to say you lucky duck! Ha. that is awesome. So great to hear your positive reactions to it. I truly believe from what I’ve seen that this could be an all time classic 🙂

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