Film Review – The Loft (2014)

The Loft

Title – The Loft (2014)

Director – Erik Van Looy (Loft)

Cast – Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Isabel Lucas, Rachel Taylor

Plot – A group of 5 best friends and married men band together to operate a big city loft apartment that each will have a key to and each will be able to use as they see fit, often in mischievous ways. The loft however could be their undoing when the body of a dead girl is discovered inside, meaning one of the 5 are the culprit.

 “Accepting a key to the loft means you accept the rules to the loft. Tell nobody. Have fun”

Review by Eddie on 15/12/2015

A film you just wish someone like David Fincher tackled, The Loft is a B grade movie through and through and a movie that makes no illusions to what it is and Erik Van Looy’s English language remake of his original foreign thriller of the same name is a movie that despite its quite obvious flaws and sometimes downright weird acting turns is an enjoyable guilty pleasure that for all sakes and purposes shouldn’t be as watchable as it is.

This above statement is by no means a glowing recommendation however, as The Loft is quite frequently a terrible movie that is saved by a plot line so unbelievable yet bewilderingly intriguing that you can’t help but watch and try figure out who’s done what, who’s betrayed who and who can be a bigger bigot than the next guy. It’s clear that this material was enough for Van Looy’s original film to be well regarded and without having seen it, it was likely less sowed into B grade fodder than this long shelved Hollywood remake that was filmed in 2011 yet only released this year and perhaps the companies behind this redoing clued onto the films biggest flaw, the un-likeability of EVERY single character in the film.

This above statement is supposed to be taken literally as all jokes aside, The Loft just might well be the most terrible ensemble committed to screen in many moons. When reading through the name cast of Karl Urban, James Marsden and yes Modern Family’s loveable blob Eric Stonestreet you may think this is a strange statement to make and the actors aren’t movie ruining horrible (even though Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller try’s his hardest to be) but there characters sure are.

How much can we really relate to a bunch of guys that get together to co-own a seedy city loft apartment where they’re free to do anything to anyone at any time and when this crew of calculating derelicts share screen time the cringe factor goes up to almost unbearable levels and by the film’s final act you’ll soon come to realise that the films reveal isn’t all it was cracked up to be from such a loaded plot driver.

For all intents and purposes The Loft is a lot more entertaining than it has any right to be but that is almost entirely due to its mysterious lifeless body that puts our creepy bunch of males into a sticky predicament and take away that and concentration towards the films “twist”, script and characters unearths a film that should be a whole new league of worse than it actually is. Watch for the could’ve been factor not the what is factor.

2 creepy friends out of 5

13 responses to “Film Review – The Loft (2014)

  1. Oh, no…I was thinking of watching this one but it doesn’t sound worth the watch! Lately, I’ve been OBSESSED with Matthias Schoenaerts!! I’ve seen almost his entire filmography and I find him absolutely incredible…was he at least okay in this movie??? 🙂

    • Maria I must say its almost fun even though its quite bad ha if that makes sense? I think Matthias was in the original of this as well? I’ve heard its really good and much better than this. But yeh he was “ok” in this – but no Far From the Madding Crowd good ha.

      • I watched Far from the Madding Crowd like three times in a week!haha Have you seen Rust and Bone? If not, I strongly recommend it! He is incredibly talented!!!

      • Yeh own that one 🙂 its a really unique and moving picture. How good is Cotillard in that one to? But yeh his got some skills – I recall one he was in – think its called Bullhead that was great to.

      • Oh, yes!!! She was amazing as well! Great movie!! I haven’t seen Bullhead yet, but I’ve heard great stuff about it!! It’s definitely on my list!!!!

  2. Saw this in Jan. I didn’t completely hate, but the twists upon twists became so laughable, and how the camera would do a close-up on one of the guys to reveal more of the plot because so redundant. But, I didn’t mind this until the final third, where the bottom kind of falls out.

    Great review.

    • Yeh it actually has a great cast lol they must of all thought the script was pretty decent! There’s fun to be had here man even if its at the films expense. Good for a Friday night pizza and bevo session.

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