Film Review – Cooties (2014)

Coot - film

Title – Cooties (2014)

Directors – Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion (feature debut) 

Cast – Elijah Wood, Alison Pill, Rainn Wilson, Leigh Whannell, Jack McBrayer, Jorge Garcia

Plot – After a violent and undetected virus is spread through chicken nuggets at a local school, sub teacher Clint (Wood) and his fellow staff members find themselves in a battle of survival against a rampaging horde of zombie-like students.

“Hey, you bit my friend’s face. What are you sick or something?”

Review by Eddie on 19/01/2016

For a movie about a vicious zombie like virus spread through the consumption of chicken nuggets, Cooties is certainly a lot more enjoyable than it really has a right to be thanks to some fun and self-parodying acting turns and a pace that suggests the directors of this violent horror/comedy knew their welcome would only last so long.

Co-written by Saw co-creator and Australian ex-pat Leigh Whannell (who also stars as socially awkward teacher Doug) and directed by first time feature length filmmakers Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, Cooties rushes by to a barely past 80 minute run time that keeps the grizzly bits of dark comedy and blood splattered nugget lead carnage coming thick and fast, so much so that we can barely even notice all of the films glaring flaws, like a stodgy script, hamming it up acting and non-plausible character decisions.

These flaws however are all to be expected from such a tale the revels in its B grade nature and it’s great sometimes for films like Cooties to just accept what they are and not try and turn that around into something serious or something filled with social commentary. Led by the ever young looking Elijah Wood (who even gets a few Lord of the Rings jokes thrown his way) the cast’s main ensemble of Wood, Alison Pill and Rainn Wilson all have a blast and dispatch cootie ridden children with glee as the film flaunts along at a rollicking pace that culminates in the scariest indoor playground your’re likely to stumble across.

Set up for a sequel that may or may not ever eventuate on the back of poor financial returns, Cooties is a lot of fun when watched in the right state of mind even if it’s premise is more intriguing than its final product but Cooties is a horror/comedy that’s not afraid to spill the claret and poke fun at itself.

The perfect pizza and film night candidate for those lazy rainy nights, Cooties is one of recent times dumbest yet enjoyable tales, despite all its cinematic failings.

3 imaginary giraffe co-passengers out of 5

10 responses to “Film Review – Cooties (2014)

  1. I will check this movie out. I’m also wanting to see Bloodsucking Bastards, did you see that on yet or review it? I remember you guys posted (but I forget which one of ya!) about how awful Trainwreck was and since I’ve now seen it I can agree. I expected it to be hilarious but I’m now shocked at the high praise. I dooo have a sense of humor, I’m not opposed to raunch or vulgarity at all, I usually enjoy Apatow movies but Trainwreck was sooooooo bad. What is everybody thinking?

    • That would’ve been me haha, I am so glad I’ve found a few more Trainwreck haters, it’s praise just doesn’t sit well with me!
      As for Bloodsucking I must admit to not knowing anything about that one!
      Hope you enjoy Cooties 🙂

  2. Saw this movie a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it, was surprised it wasn’t popular or given much publicity because I stumbled on it while just web surfing. Its not a bad movie at all and its obvious they were not aiming to be the best or top of the box office. Am excited you guys reviewed this. Sweet!

      • Its a bit like “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” or the other way round and come to think of it many zombie movies have this same type of feel even down to the old school types except serious ones like walking dead.

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