Film Review – The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

Ridiculous 6

Title – The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

Director – Frank Coraci (Blended)

Cast – Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, Jorge Garcia, Luke Wilson, Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, Nick Nolte, Steve Zahn

Plot – Needing to rescue his biological father Frank Stockburn (Nolte), raised by Native Americans Tommy (Sandler) must undertake a dangerous journey to rob money for Frank’s safe return, a journey that leads him to discover he has 5 other brothers that all join him to help their long lost father in the terrain of the Wild West.

“Any of you handsome brothers ready to go steal a big hunk of gold?”

Review by Eddie on 5/02/2016

With Netflix slowly but surely making an increased mark on the film world with its original programing and distribution rights, recent times has seen the streaming giant enter into the world of original films that forgo usual cinematic releases with high profile films appearing exclusively into people’s lounge rooms with promotion done through the service.

Last year saw two high profiled entries into the catalogue of films Netflix was helping to finance and distribute. The first being the powerful and important Beasts of No Nation, a stunning film in many ways and one that can count itself unlucky to have been shunned by the Academy Awards. It showcased just what Netflix can achieve through its newly drafted plans, but then in December of last year came the second film, The Ridiculous 6.

The first of 4 films that have been agreed upon between Netflix and one time Box Office superstar Adam Sandler, the previous biggest comedy actor on the planet was given a budget in excess of $60 million and a chance to invite all of his friends along for the ride in what could well be one of the least funny comedies of the modern era and a nailing shut and burying of Sandler’s career coffin that may very well be unlikely to ever be dug up again.

An infuriatingly lazy film that therefore deserves a lazy analysis, Ridiculous 6 looks to replicate the success of Western comedy gems like Blazing Saddles but what we as an audience get is a 2 hour exercise in lame brained antics of a bunch of people who should know better, doing things that are neither funny, inspired or even slightly interesting.

From carrots being used as weapons, Vanilla Ice (yes the rapper) appearing as legendary writer Mark Twain and certain appendixes being used to play the piano, the funniest thing about The Ridiculous 6 (other than the fact Netflix’s money was clearly not spent on production values) is how low one time teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner’s career has sunk with his role as mentally handicapped Lil’ Pete, who clearly took no heed from Robert Downy Jr’s advice in Tropic Thunder.

To speak at length of Adam Sandler himself would be giving him attention he doesn’t deserve as he once more clearly couldn’t care less about the whole she-bang but there are no excuses for performers like Luke Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Jon Turturro or the increasingly near death looking Nick Nolte to be involved in such a low-brow experience. Stars like Rob Schneider and David Spade deserve no better than this but for Sandler to have convinced so many to join this ride, the pay must have been too good to pass up.

Saved from zero star quality death quite literally by a few tiny snippets of humour and an unrightfully hilarious camp fire sing along, The Ridiculous 6 gets the Sandler/Netflix team up off to a mind boggling bad start but Netflix subscribers seem to care little, as in quick fire succession The Ridiculous 6 became one of their most streamed movies ever, suggesting the Sandler/Netflix crimes against humanity are unlikely to end with the next arduous experience.

½ a scooped out eyeball out of 5

10 responses to “Film Review – The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

  1. Adam Sandler has never been good. I didn’t understood his appeal 20 years ago, and I don’t understand people’s depression over the man’s alleged “fall from grace” now.

    You can’t fall if you don’t have anywhere respectable to fall from. The man is out of theatres now; he’s no longer our problem. Good riddance.

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